The dead man and make the funeral feast hall threatened. douke

The dead man and make the funeral feast hall. Original title: threatened to make up threatened to explode the detention of Chongqing Evening News Chinese people always pay attention to the dead, August 24th, died because of their hometown relatives, Jiangjin man Cao Jiahui (a pseudonym) special plane ran home lost. The villagers to vent discontent, Cao Jiahui’s mourning hall, and threatened his explosive body, with the villagers. Police, Jiangjin, who lives in the rural area of the country since childhood mischievous, and the local villagers are not good relations, was jailed for robbery, after 2013, released from prison to go out to work on the job, Cao Jiahui. Because of prejudice against Cao Jiahui, the village where the things gone, he was suspected of stealing, which makes him feel very wronged. August 23rd, Cao Jiahui received a letter from his relatives died, far away in Shandong, he flew back to his hometown, would like to take this opportunity to clarify themselves to the villagers, while allowing him to know the villagers wronged. The 24 day, the funeral scene, hundreds of villagers is very lively. Because Jo had happened with his contradictions, Cao Jiahui is very dissatisfied with the presence of paizhuozi fell at the stool. Then, when he was the face of the villagers shouted in the yard side: "I have explosive body, before wronged me, I must give a statement today, or we die." This put all shocked, far away from Cao Jiahui, the funeral scene is a mess. Cao Jiahui’s mother rushed to the police immediately. Police quickly arrived at the scene, the Cao Jiahui control. Cao Jiahui explained that he did not have explosives on his body, so that the main threat is to look at the villagers, so that they are afraid of their own, so that they do not feel good bullying. Currently, Cao Jiahui because of the threat of the implementation of the explosion was detained by public security organs. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent correspondent Xia Xiangzhou Deng Peixin editor: high Yuying相关的主题文章: