The central bank is pushing the electronic bill within three years tickets target may be eliminated 9c8921

The central bank is pushing the electronic bill within three years out of tickets target may be the Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! "The central bank must be clear for 1 million yuan, 3 million yuan of large commercial bills through the electric ticket schedule, forced upgrade of electronic ticket business accounted for the basic provisions of the ticket business" deadline ", to further standardize the bill business and market rules, a joint-stock bank company Department official yesterday told reporters the south. Chinese people on regulating and promoting the development of the electronic commercial draft business notice of the central bank recently issued to financial institutions "(hereinafter referred to as No. 224), from the expansion of coverage rate, simplify the operation, operation system and strengthen the business regulatory aspects of electronic ticket business for. Method for financial policy research team said the No. 224 document compared to before the further development direction of bill business and market, through asymmetric regulatory requirements, to promote electric ticket, gradually implement 3 years out of the goal of tickets. Schedule: tickets using the "doomsday" has been set after the CBRC No. 203, the central bank and the CBRC jointly No. 126, normative documents with another national, systematic significance of article 224 in the recently issued the banks and other financial institutions. In order to effectively improve the electronic ticket business accounted for the central bank made clear objectives, put forward specific requirements on the amount and transitional arrangements, "since January 1, 2017, the amount should be all through the electric single ticket for more than 3 million yuan in commercial bills; since January 1, 2018, in principle, the amount should be all through the electric single ticket for 1 million yuan of commercial bills." In fact, this force to improve the proportion of electronic bill business shall actually give a paper bill set a "doomsday", it is not difficult to find the central bank decided to implement the electric bill. In addition, No. 224 also requires all financial institutions, the institutions to promote application of electrical ticket detailed measures and promote the timetable in October 15, 2016 prior to the official documents submitted to the people’s Bank of China, and in January 20th annually submit an annual electronic ticket business process. It is worth noting that the text of article 224 of the new regulations continue to most of the previous draft requirements, but for the ticket to the end of 2018 accounted for the size of the bill is not included in the requirements of the new regulations 80%. In this regard, a joint-stock bank Guangzhou branch responsible person said to reporters in Nandu, may be the central bank does not want to set the time too dead, but from the current situation, the executive power ticket does help standardize bill business. At present, I have more than 50% of the proportion of electricity tickets accounted for more than a lot of customers have begun to slowly accept the electricity ticket, with the promotion of electricity bills, accounting for the proportion of the target is not far away, said the official said the above 80%. Law consulting financial policy research team also said that although there is no mandatory requirement for the previous 80%, but with the requirements of the previous leaflet, the advance speed of the ticket will accelerate. Efficiency improvement: Theory相关的主题文章: