The biggest names gathered together all asked the man show celebrity appearances drop dead diva

The biggest names gathered together all asked celebrity appearances Comiket 7.5 CGWR score | asked the novice card booking area lead: September 15th, Guangyu game will attend the eighteenth session of Chinese (Beijing) cartoon Carnival IDO, will bring its millions of giant, free round king "asked" exhibition. The man show is one of the most influential man show, so "asked" the high-profile announcement to join, the combination of various players, and game player together hey man show! Exquisite original painting scene to capture Yue Yue after the exposure of the mysterious figure of heavyweight guests have surfaced! Is a well-known comedian Deyunshe successor "Yue Yunpeng". Yue Yunpeng with its superb acting and classic expression action by the majority of users who love, and the to join the IDO diffuse exhibition will bring a good response. "Asked" the money to join the animation festival, millions of fellow will be invited to visit the site, to capture the popular actor small Yue Yue passion, intimate contact and win big coffee! Yue Yunpeng was invited to join the Expo two dimensional celebrities gathered to create the two dimension of brand culture, to achieve the strategic goal of Pan entertainment, "asked" money to join the China (Beijing) cartoon Carnival IDO. The man show is one of the largest and most influential comprehensive anime game show, the two dimensional world famous Anime Society "Hangzhou 304" and the ancient community popular singer "Xiao Yi " will also visit the site to offer exclusive performances. "Asked" will join the two dimension large coffee for guests, they surprise welfare game player! "Asked" the younger, the official cos group exhibition "asked" the little sisters once played, harvest countless praise "asked" are the game player, IDO Expo official cos group also starred in the portrait. Previously broke the news, the official cos group will have a new member to join, and the diffuse Exhibition Official cos group will subvert the original sweet image of the past, dressed in attendance, bold cos new sexy role. Specifically how to ask the people to go to the scene, see beauty Coser style bar! "Asked" the younger, the eighteenth Chinese (Beijing) IDO animation Carnival will be opened in late September, "asked" to various celebrity appearances Comiket, strong cooperation to create the most popular site. "Asked" to invite millions of fellow man show, to celebrate the mid autumn festival! Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: