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The baby has a cough do not immediately use cough syrup – Sohu maternal and child is the heart of every family meat, is really holding in the hands of fear of broken, containing the fear of the mouth. If the child some minor illnesses, mom and dad is not anxious, fear of children is what hurt in the process of growing up. Sometimes the child will appear the symptom of cough, a lot of parents worry about the child cough is bad, always let the baby drink cough syrup in the first time. In fact, this practice is not correct. Let’s get to know what to do with the baby’s cough. Do not go into the treatment of two mistakes many parents of children cough treatment errors, if not a little attention may be to some extent, increase the baby cough. Mainly for the following two points: a misunderstanding: the cough a few days of treatment with antibiotics is not effective. There are some parents in the baby cough a few days of treatment without effect, will go to buy and use antibiotic treatment to. The reason is that some had just started coughing basically is caused by a virus, so the use of antibiotics is not very good, if there is a long time use of antibiotics will produce drug resistance and other hazards. Myth two: a baby cough with cough medicine cough. Part of the parents feel that children cough is best to give her some cough syrup to cough. But my mom and Dad don’t know is cough syrup can be divided into two types of antitussive and expectorant, if children phlegm, so we should pay attention to, don’t stop to give the baby to drink cough syrup, because can let the baby cough relieving cough drops out of phlegm, phlegm if cough not to come out, the situation will become more well, it will cause serious respiratory tract obstruction, that would be dangerous. Therefore, if Mom and dad in the town is uncertain or expectorant cough medicine cough syrup case, best not to give the baby drink cough syrup to help the baby cough, the best way is to take the baby to the hospital and then with the correct medication treatment under the guidance of a doctor. Baby cough should be how to properly care? Weapon experts teach you to relieve a cough for cough baby early, first of all to take care of mom and dad. The first thing to do is to maintain the flow of air at home, it is best to be able to open the window ventilation. Then the room temperature control at 25 to 28 degrees, it is best to buy a humidifier or put a basin of water in the room, the air is humid, so that the baby will feel comfortable. Also, mom and dad to give the child a little more warm water, which will cough a little less, the baby will be more comfortable. There is also a suggestion that the child is best to be able to sleep when his head up a little, so that it will cough a little less. But also note that, if through these simple treatment, the baby cough becomes more serious, but also feel the baby have a fever, sputum and other symptoms, it is best to take the baby to the hospital to see, under the guidance of a doctor, the reasonable use of antibiotics. A: the best steamed garlic diet is able to put the chopped garlic, and then put some sugar in the bowl, then put it in a pot of water from inside the compartment相关的主题文章: