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The 105 year old birthday birthday 17 80 years old birthday by Sohu news a birthday cake, a bowl of noodles, my family, friends, old Zhang Zhigui face blooming with a smile of happiness. November 10th, who lives in Fengxian safflower Village Zhang Zhigui elderly life ushered in the 105 birthday, the village 17 80 years old "small birthday together with her birthday. 4 pm the same day, the food smell Shou seats around, spring, etc. in succession on the Braised Pork tofu dish table. Most of the dishes are cooked specifically for the elderly, soft and easy to digest and easy to chew. Young people during the shuttle, for the elderly to clip vegetables, pour drinks, the scene is very warm. "Come, everybody cheers!" In the village Party branch secretary Wu Yulin’s proposal, the old man raised his glass, wish each other happiness. Old people say: "now living standards improved, the social atmosphere is also getting better and better, respecting and caring for the elderly. We can feel." Don’t look at Zhang Zhigui already 105 years old, but she is in good health, not deaf ears eyes do not spend, the spirit is good. Talk about longevity concern for Zhang Zhigui, the old man smiled cheerfully said: "I get up early every day, love, good attitude, and never blush. The children are very good to me, one family harmony, happy every day, this is my secret of longevity." Zhang Zhigui old home five generations a son the old man was still alive, more than and 80 years old, is in the village of longevity. It is understood that the living village is famous longevity village fengxian. Wu Yulin said that there are four groups of eternal life village, the group is located in the geographical distance of more than 700, more than four people. Known as longevity village is one of the two groups, Fengxian last May to create a beautiful rural census, the village found two groups of only 30 people, there are the elderly over the age of 80 to 18 people, including 105 year old Zhang Zhigui, hence the name of the village of longevity. The living village is surrounded by mountains, the vegetation coverage rate is high, the negative oxygen ion rich, beautiful environment, the most noteworthy is the groundwater quality here is weakly alkaline, contains a variety of beneficial minerals. This year, the village will be "Longevity Culture and rural tourism and leisure agriculture combine to create a unique style of the beautiful countryside, let the crops into a modern agricultural sightseeing garden picking, the farmhouse became characteristic of farmhouse taste local delicacy, the longevity of the elderly has become tourists photo" big star". "Filial piety, Zonta good deeds, in our village has been formed." Wu Yulin said, "we just put our village into the old people comfortable warm home, with our love, filial piety, care and patience to take better care of caring for the elderly." Correspondent Liu Tao China Daily reporter Zhang Tiantian相关的主题文章: