Temple No. two, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival to Chinese towards space space station Era foldercure

Temple No. two, the night of the Mid Autumn Festival to China towards space space station era Xinhua news agency in Jiuquan on 15 September, (reporter Li Guoli, Wang Ting) 22 September 15th 04, China’s first truly space laboratory Temple No. two, No. two in the long march FT2 rocket lifts off rushed to the space. The moonlight, northwest of Gobi in the Mid Autumn Festival, pleasant night. The launch tower white Long March two F T2 rocket nestled in the blue lake, quietly waiting for another exciting moment. This is the twelfth flight of the long march F carrier rocket since the implementation of China’s manned space program. Since the launch of Shenzhou 1 in 1999, the Chinese aerospace man step by step toward the space station era. Built in 2020 or so, is the goal of China’s manned space project started when it was set. "30 minutes to prepare!" The voice of zero commander Wang Hongzhi sounded at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center manned space launch site. Wang Hongzhi is China’s manned space launch site system, the fifth zero commander. In the fall of 5 years ago, it was in his predecessor’s voice password, Tiangong-1 (micro-blog) opened a space trip. Tiangong two is Tiangong-1’s backup products, using the same experimental class and resource class two class configuration, a total length of 10.4 meters, a maximum diameter of 3.35 meters, the sun has a wingspan of about 18.4 meters, weighs 8.6 tons. "Tiangong two and Tiangong-1’s mission is different." Deputy director of Chinese manned space engineering office, Wu Ping said, "Tiangong two is China’s first truly space lab." Tiangong two tasks including the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft to visit, astronauts completed the medium-term stay; accept one day boat cargo ship visit, verification of propellant addition technology in orbit; carry out space medicine, space science experiments and space technology applications, and maintenance and space station technology verification. "The launch of Tiangong two, the important point is to build China space station key technology verification." Zhou Jianping, chief designer of China’s manned space engineering. The starry sky. The launch site again sounded Wang Hongzhi’s voice: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1!" 22 04, Long March two FT2 rocket spewing orange plume rise slowly, to the full moon night, added a charming beautiful color. At 22:24, Zhang Youxia commander of the manned space engineering China announced: Tiangong two space lab mission launch success. According to the plan, Tiangong two will be in orbit 393 kilometers above the ground level, respectively, and the Shenzhou eleven manned spacecraft and one day boat cargo spacecraft rendezvous and docking. Shenzhou eleven will be launched in mid October, the first day of the ship in the first half of next year. This is basically the same as the orbital height of China’s future space station." Said the. Prior to the manned flight and rendezvous docking mission, are in the 343 km from the ground orbit height. "Launch No. two temple is one of the core tasks of space laboratory stage task of the manned space project." Zhou Jianping said, after the completion of the space lab mission, China will begin the construction of China’s space station." 2016)相关的主题文章: