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Tehran | pumping smoke woman and suppress the dark art of Tourism – Sohu is little city like Tehran, my first impression is so bad… For me. It is a must to the passing of the city, in addition to serious air pollution, only the northern mountains impressed me. Known as the world’s largest Tehran bazaar, somewhat stereotyped. Several of the palace treasures, such as scenic spots, the opening time have no clue… Unexpectedly, after 8 years, Tehran has once again become the city I am passing to the persian. Eight years, China changes already snafu, the world has become less balance, the veil of mystery, Tehran really doesn’t seem to change too much… You see, veiled women, still in the den where smoke… This picture probably will never appear in the Iran movie, can Yanguan the reality seems to be more exciting than the movie poster… Hookah Persian beauty, seem more taste… Very casually in the streets near the station I saw, a museum, because there is no English name, I don’t even know the name of the museum, but it is free to enter, attracted me, is all the posters outside the Museum… Like magic, let me into the museum, the Iran film has been in the world Is the fire, people through this window film one-sided understanding of Iran… Perhaps under the dual pressure of politics and religion, people always want to find a export, den and film is such export… I guess this is a movie poster, be full of bean sprouts, did not know what to write. At the end of… Worry is like the Iran movie, these works in the museum, also let me feel depressed, feeling is a little twisted and dark…. maybe change in Iran, it is through this way for your voice? Who can tell me what the author wants to express, like the following works? It looks bright, but a closer look at this picture, there are many tiger or cat’s head, a little demon… Well, there is this one… It feels like forever. Get off the shackles of life. Don’t know why, I just love the following picture of the mood and atmosphere… Well, there is such a poster… Know sprouts buddies, tell me what it is what I write. So because of a museum, slightly changed the impression of Tehran… And then walk down the street, suddenly feel not so dead. I saw in the street a though I love the most popular Hippie minibus was blocked, clean… Fashion is still rapidly throughout Tehran, the impact of American culture on the streets of a trend which cannot be halted… Fashion store, wearing modern fashion of young people, and his smile, make people feel that Tehran is no longer boring): Well, I did not expect Iran’s the uncle相关的主题文章: