Techfive Systems Launched Learning Management System For Healthcare .anization From North

Techfive system is leading offshore Software Development Company from India and their other offices located in USA, UK. One of the leading healthcare organizations from North America gives training to their doctors, nurses and patient manually which is very time consuming as they are associated with different NGO. So they need to arrange training at different places, schedule, follow-up etc, which take lot of time and cost. Techfive systems suggested online training management solution for their organization. We studied their business goal, training process, scheduling, follow-up, survey & feedback management etc. Our expertise defined proper flow and suggested robust solution to achieve their training program very effectively in less time and cost as a result we have delivered collaborative learning management system. Our suggest approach involves Development of Courses and SCROM compliance Survey management Feedback management Assignment management Question & answer module Workflow management Video conferencing Live support Scheduling And many other features Techfive LMS advantages Modern and Web 2.0 design Dynamic role management Compliance to SCORM, IMS and AICC Flexible workflow Workflow management Custom reporting Survey & newsletters management Domain Expertise Strong project management & technical expertise Contact us for all kind of custom software development service at Our expert in this area of custom software developer is providing web based software application development services based on client s requirement with proper planning. Our advance software development and web base application development services concepts & techniques. Our benefits Faster ROI Strong project management and process oriented software development Technology expertise Save cost up to 70% Transparent and long-term relationship Quality & fast deliverables Continuous improvement Like to get more details visit our website ..techfivesystems.. or email us for all kind of custom software development requirement at Address Verification: Keep Your Customer Data Up-to-date By: Martina Hill – A recent study from Byteplant, a leading provider of USPS address verification and international address validation services, shows that address data degrades at an alarmingly high average rate of 27% every year. Tags: How To Design A Website And Sketch To Html? By: Ronei Daselva – Here you only call for a great plan and execute it in order to have your own responsive website. The main goal is that you should have a broad knowledge on the related niche on which you are planning to design your own website. 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