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Taiwan photo: Hualian three – Beijing, China News Agency, Taipei 30 September Xinhua: News Agency Hualian three reporters Xu Ziqiang Shao Hua de golden by train from Taipei train station, 2.5 hours to get to Hualian, but now almost noon. Hualian County Tourism Department, a staff member surnamed Li told reporters with a smile: "Hualian good good mountain water far ah". When reporters before the interview to Hualian, county magistrate Fu Kunqi is visiting the mainland. In the words of Hualian County Tourism Department Chief Marketing Department Jiachang Lin, Fu Kun dichotoma recently visited the mainland tourists looking for tourism in Hualian, and I believe there will be more mainland tourists to Hualian. Reporters remember that in June 12th this year, the eighth Strait forum held in the general assembly, Fu Kun has said that the two sides have a common natural DNA". Hualian’s total population of about 310 thousand, ethnic minorities, Minnan, Hakka and other provinces each accounted for 1/4. The first day of a visit to Hualian, in the Taroko Buluowan strolling, Hualian County Tourism Association chairman post hostel La? Especially on the road to the reporter said, Taipei people say that Hualian is the back garden of Taiwan, Taiwan and Hualian is actually facing the Pacific Ocean before the mountain "". Taroko people from earlier had lived in central Taiwan mountains to the west of the Choshui River upstream, across the central mountains to front mountain ". Post La? Especially say, behind our Taroko people live is a mountain, in front of the pacific. Hualian county civil affairs, claiming to be the beauty of the religious customs chief Ceng Haofeng told reporters, Hualian Taroko people about five, sixty thousand. Taroko park with its natural landscape is as extraordinary as if done by the spirits, as one of the most beautiful scenic spots in Taiwan. For general travel around the island tour, Hualian tour is the tour taroko. "We are not only the Taroko, sixty hills all over the mountains and plains like gold Hemerocallis," Lin Jiachang told reporters, "but you come late." Then he took out his mobile phone to quickly find a group of photos. Lin Ke Long called the sixty hills is located in the southern Hualian Fuli Township, heard in rich Valley Music Festival is also quite fun. Due to the time, the three rows of Hualian did not arrange to the south coast and the East valley. Zeng Hao Feng told reporters that not only haoshanhaoshui, Hualian there are many folk activities, such as the annual Hualian will hold a large gathering of all religions, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Catholicism, all faiths worship, everyone to participate in. Along the coast, a reporter for three consecutive days from the north to the south, the cliff has ornamental Qixingtan local famous scenic spots, natural landscape ecological farm in cloud also visited the city of Hualian pine garden, Hua Lianwen Park and Ji’an Xiang Feng Carp Lake, the. The abundant tourism resources become Hualian’s tourism industry is not a gilded signboard but, since now, hey, that is a headache for local tourists. Reporter asked the Hualian Tourism Department official, not also from time to time to see the South Korean and Japanese tourists? The official said the South Korean tourists shook his head, only to Taroko, Japanese tourists visiting the night market, and tourists are less. Reporters learned in Yi Cui Xuan hostel hall and the "cloud landscape". Cai Hongqi interview he is from Taipei, because the chance to)相关的主题文章: