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Taiwan media: China new bomber three sets of programs with four issued a range of 10 thousand kilometers in September 12, 2016, the air force bombers -6K aircraft to go to the Western Pacific sea training. Xinhua News Agency issued the original title: Media: China new long-range bomber will have 3 kinds of technical scheme and shorten the gap between the United States and Russia Reference News Network October 9th Taiwan media reported that since the people’s Liberation Army Air Force Commander Ma Xiaotian said publicly on the day before Chinese is developing a new generation of long-range bombers, causing concern. The air force, Chinese expert Fu Qianshao said, a new generation of long-range bombers will be equipped with 4 -10 turbofan engine, according to the different performance requirements, there will be 3 new generation from detonation technology. According to Taiwan, "Wang news" website reported on October 8th, outpost Fu from the current view, comprehensive technical reserves, analysis, a new generation of far Chinese detonation may take 4 engines, while the engine model is probably already in the fighter plane -10 and -10 turbofan, turbofan with afterburner and without afterburner two versions, according to the different performance requirements may produce 3 kinds of technical scheme. The first is to emphasize the stealth performance, but not on supersonic penetration, this scheme may be used without afterburner turbofan engine -10. The second is that it will choose supersonic penetration performance, with afterburner turbofan -10 version. The third option is that not only requires stealth performance, and emphasizes the supersonic penetration, and the full range of programs, it is not possible to achieve, because in related fields, there are technical reserves. Reported that currently has long-range strategic bombers only the United States and Russia, the United States has B-52, B-1B, B-2, Tu-160, Tu-95 in russia. Although there is speculation that the Chinese boom -6K belongs to medium and long-range strategic bombers, after facelift new engines and avionics systems, the voyage will reach 8000 to 9000 kilometers. But outpost Fu pointed out that the medium bomber voyage should be in more than 6000 kilometers, and long-range bombers voyage should be doubled to reach 12 thousand kilometers, and the remote bomb load can reach 20 to 30 tons. Fu Qianshao believes that a new generation of remote detonation project should have been approved and started research and development, the program which ultimately depends on the military considerations, of course, the most difficult is supersonic and stealth performance, but as long as a new generation of Chinese far detonation was born, you can wipe flat and disposable world military power gap, even in some properties may also gain the advantage, after all, the active duty of the new generation of stealth bomber B-2 has been developed for many years. But China aviation expert Wang Yanan had pointed out that the Chinese should develop a similar Russian Tu-160 – supersonic strategic bomber. Instead of flying wing bomber similar to the U.S. B-2, similar to the B-2 bomber for Chinese development in technology and economy is a challenge.相关的主题文章: