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Taiwan indicators poll: Cai Yingwen’s ruling over satisfaction – Sohu news Taiwan index poll on the satisfaction of the Cai Yingwen administration and dissatisfaction with the data presented. (picture taken from Taiwan media) Chinese Taiwan network September 14th news according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, the DPP administration took office after the polls straight, "Taiwan index poll" 14 announced the latest poll results show that Cai Yingwen’s satisfaction has been "death cross", 40.8%, 41.8% are not satisfied with the satisfaction of all cabinet satisfaction; the remaining 31.7%, no satisfaction reached 47.2%. The poll data show that for Cai Yingwen’s presidency, 40.8% satisfied, 41.8% satisfied, the positive evaluation of the control in August down 2%, down 3.2% negative evaluation. For the entire forest governance performance, 31.7% satisfied, not satisfied with the show, whether it is Cai Yingwen or Lin’s cabinet, the performance of the people are getting more and more away from the people of the 47.2%. Now the "Legislative Yuan" question has begun, all cabinet satisfaction continued to fall, in the face of the Kuomintang "cabinet" restructuring, "Premier" Lin said on the 13, "the cabinet" personnel ready to review, but at present no consider restructuring. In the aspect of trust, 48% people do not trust the trust Cai Yingwen, 33.1%, the second half of the August survey control positive evaluation 5.4%, negative evaluation by 0.2%. (China Taiwan net Zhu Lian)相关的主题文章: