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SUV didn’t want to play it no off-road differential lock powers in the end how much? Sohu – Sohu automobile headlamp [car] many bought a Mercedes Benz G Class friends may never know the three silver console central shiny buttons are doing with the sales staff can make a car careful talking for a long time, you have to forget a twist. Many bought MITSUBISHI Pajero friends may never press down that several handbrake lever next to the switch, the light may know to leave the car oil. So, these look very complex button, forced grid high buttons, they are doing what? The answer is: they share a feature called "differential lock". Today, this short essay, let us talk about the difference between the speed of the lock for the importance of off-road vehicles, and even can be said that without him, you can not call themselves off-road vehicles! As the name implies, differential lock is the differential locking components, differential solves the steering wheel speed about different issues, but the existence of differential slippage of the drive wheel on one side under the car power cannot be effectively transmitted, driving force assigned to the spin of the wheel, not skidding wheel cannot drive. This is the time to use the differential lock, the differential completely locked, the driving wheel can simultaneously output power. So let’s talk about this "differential" is what it is: "the car differential can make the left, right (or front, rear) drive wheel to achieve different speed rotation mechanism. The utility model is mainly composed of a left and a right half shaft gears, two planetary gears and a gear rack. The utility model is characterized in that when the vehicle is running on the road or on the uneven road surface, the left and right wheels rotate at different speeds, which ensures that both sides of the driving wheels can make pure rolling motion. The differential is used to adjust the speed difference between the left and right wheels." (from Baidu encyclopedia, the differential) since each car differential is necessary, and the differential lock it, its function is to lock the differential, right? Yes! Why do you want to lock him? This goes back to a problem we talked about the differential exists in the side under the slippage of the drive wheel of automobile power transmission can not be effectively, the driving force assigned to the spin of the wheel, not skidding wheel cannot drive. So since the differential lock is so important, what is his working principle? Mercedes Benz and so on models, there are three switches, they are differential lock it? What is the difference? Let’s talk about the central differential lock, which is the most basic version of all differential locks. For the central differential lock and its main role is, if there is a front drive shaft or rear drive shaft slip, "central differential lock" can quickly lock the most resistance torque to the larger part (front and rear axle two), produce the driving force to make the car out of danger, this is the most basic central difference speed lock function. And then there’s the rear wheel differential lock. For example, it is said above, Pajero, some of the central differential lock and rear axle differential lock. When the meaning is any a slip in the two rear wheels, the rear axle can be locked, so that the two rear wheels rotate at the same speed, so do not worry about power?相关的主题文章: