Superconducting research and development of a major breakthrough 3 shares directly benefit winsockfix

Superconducting research has been a major breakthrough in 3 shares directly benefit the Phoenix finance Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of electrical engineering 7 announced, the researcher Ma Yanwei team successfully developed the first international order of 100 meters of iron-based superconducting long-term, it is reported that as early as July 2015, 122 type high performance iron-based superconducting long-term research group successfully developed Yanwei horse team as the first order of 10 meters to go abroad the. The analysis thinks, this achievement created a milepost iron-based superconducting material from laboratory research to the industrialization process, marks the development in the technical field of iron-based superconducting materials in China on the forefront of the world, the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries in the world is still in the preparation of iron-based superconducting wire level meters, engaged in the company developed superconducting materials, is expected to be the market focus. Recommended attention Yongding, Gabriel electrical, Sheng shares. Phoenix four stocks contest start three months Guangdong 600 thousand bonuses, winning number over 300, there are 80 million firm funds waiting for you to grab! Additional project shares Gabriel electric company for the project of a high temperature superconducting wire, superconducting equipment R & D center and part, to raise additional funds for the transformation of the company strong smart grid technology, the layout of the HTS industry to provide strong support. The major shareholder of Gabriel machinery equipment group to participate in the subscription of 110 million yuan, the period of three years, fully reflects the attitude of support for the development of the company and major shareholders of the company’s business confidence. Optimistic about the company’s transformation direction and technical advantages, the current stock price is lower than the company’s additional price, we believe that with a strong margin of safety, given the recommended rating. [Bohai stock Limited by Share Ltd] Yongding domestic optical fiber and cable industry boom picked up in 2015, mobile procurement amounted to 94 million 520 thousand core optical fiber cable is one of the manufacturers of Yongding kilometers. The amount of tender price than expected, the average price rose about 5%. The second half of the 2016 operators are expected to launch a new round of Jicai, size and price bidding is expected to move to further enhance. Communication optical cable business, the next 2 years is expected to maintain growth of around 20%. At the same time, the company’s Suzhou New Material Research Institute of superconducting field strength leading to establish a production line km two generation superconducting tape, related products have been used in military, electric power and other fields, the future industry wide market. 2016-2017 net profit is expected to be 290 million and 393 million, EPS were $0.31 and $0.42, to maintain the investment rating to buy -A, the target price of 6 yuan a month. [securities] Limited by Share Ltd Baosheng shares at the beginning of 2016, the company’s non-public offering of the successful completion of the project, issued 151 million shares to 8 yuan price of shares, raising 1 billion 211 million yuan, 162 million days for the acquisition of 100% stake in the new transmission, 1 billion 49 million used to supplement working capital. The acquisition of the new conduction to help companies quickly cut into industrial cables, medical cables, energy cables, communication cables and other special cables and charging pile market segments, in line with the direction of the company’s transformation. Japan new superconducting commitments in 2016 after deducting non net profit of 26 million, accounting for the company in 2015]相关的主题文章: