Super typhoon Meranti landing on the eve of Shenhu fishing port unloading fish Beijing – in busy men diying

Super typhoon "Meranti" landing: on the eve of Shenhu fishing port unloading fish net mending busy – Beijing Beijing, Quanzhou in September 14, 14, 16 (Lin Chunyin), from the super typhoon "Meranti" landing only more than 10 hours, located in Fujian Quanzhou Jinjiang National Center of Jinjiang fishing port of Shenzhen and Shanghai harbor clouds rolling, sea breeze growl, a large number of fishing boats moored in the wind, to avoid the 17 magnitude autumn typhoon. According to the Fujian provincial flood control office news, this year fourteenth strong typhoon "Meranti" will be at 15 am positive hit Fujian, 14, 10, the province started typhoon I level emergency response. The group reported 4 hour drive to Shenzhen and Shanghai town of Jinjiang city. You can see the roadside eucalyptus has been broken in the wind; few vehicles on the highway, linking Jinjiang and Huian in the Quanzhou Bay Bridge is closed, while the direction of the vehicle development team in the roaring sea breeze. In Jinjiang in front of the fishing port Shenzhen, Shanghai 402 fisheries information station with loudspeakers playing over and over again warning notice. Hundreds of ship boats have high tonnage port shelter, mast everywhere, the red flag fluttering sound. In the harbor, there are a few number of fishing boats were busy unloading fish. Min Jin Yue 05362 fishing boat owners told reporters, received a warning notice, the ship immediately returned from Zhejiang waters, the ship storage more than 3 thousand loads of fish, for the evacuation before removing some. "Originally hired a truck slowly releasing no problem, now three cars also pull goods, please more than a dozen small." He said. Dark green nets covered with fishing, dozens of elderly wearing a hat, wearing yunu windproof raincoat in the busy mending nets. In the wind up net unloading fish is not easy, reporters feel difficult to walk against the wind, the sea breeze blowing as cut sand inclusion. The 65 year old Wu Fenghua in the hands of the shuttle flying non-stop, fill a lifetime net? Say, when each typhoon season is the best for her busy, "the fishermen’s life is like this, when it has strong wind and big waves off the ship stopped, we quickly fill net, the sun came out, come out of the sea." Is helping fishermen reinforcement cable Shenzhen border police instructor Wu Qingfeng told reporters, another group of people is the area of the border to another, to help more than 300 residents evacuated from temporary accommodation transfer. In the 402 fisheries information station, the number of computer are on the track of typhoon activity area map. Red, green, blue and yellow icon of the activities of the typhoon to bypass the island of Taiwan, is approaching the Fujian coast, real-time display and waves. Fujian Province Marine Fisheries Department data show that as of 14 May 10, Fujian Province, a total of 32137 ships to evacuate fishing vessels at sea, the transfer of Yupai personnel 19080 people (including the elderly women and children 4062 people, Fuzhou and the south of labor 15018), transferred to the south of Fuzhou all personnel on board a total of 60915 people. All evacuation missions have been completed. As Fujian’s main fishing areas, Shenhu town fishermen fishing labour more than 3000 households, more than 3440 people, as of 14 May 16, the 322 fishing boats have been in Hong Kong, including 317 ships, 5 ships bound for Zhejiang Taizhou shelter nearby. (end)相关的主题文章: