Suning inter lift Milan City, China, Japan, the second wave of cultural fever retreat barcarolle

Suning Milan city China inter lift cultural trends in Japan for second tier international Milan into winning television cameramen, Italy track, the media director frequently focused on watching the ball, the son of Zhang Jindong, Suning correspondent Zhang Kangyang, in addition to the major social networking sites, according to the Chinese "moon cakes", "dumplings" "China national husband" discussion, has also become a hot topic. China’s entry into the Serie A giants have been reflected in the effect: This is the Italian Chinese culture fever. Some background: in the past few seasons of the Milan derby, appeared in Japan star showdown, became the candidate Inter captain Nerazzurri fullback Hatomo Yuto, against AC Milan No. 10 Honda Keisuke. The top two Japanese stars, plus some of Japan’s unique Etiquette (such as Hatomo Yuto after scoring, go to the Japanese style of bowing to Zanetti), leading to the city of Milan launched a wave of Japanese culture. "Milan sports daily" reported that there are nearly a thousand young people in Milan City, in particular to the tattoo "ancestors" two words (that is, when Hatomo Yuto bowed to shout senpai)…… Thus, in Italy, in Milan, football is the best stage of cultural expansion, the national show. The tide of football is unmatched. Why does Berlusconi have a team that will help him in his election? Why so many chaebol bosses do not want to sell the team even if the economic crisis? Because this is the best stage to show. Many people think that Suning in Inter is unwise, but can not be ignored, Suning is not to rely on the team to make money, but to use this platform to achieve the promotion of football, this is actually hope to open the European market China bosses most valued things. Now changed. Hatomo Yuto in the international Milan because of bad defense by the fans questioned, Honda Keisuke in Milan this season as a water dispenser guards. In contrast, Chinese culture is popular in Milan city. Mark has several events: the day before the Italy Derby, Zhang Jindong hosted the team of more than and 60 people at a luxury hotel in Milan city. Italy media focus on the feast of food: Chinese dumplings, Chinese moon cakes, etc.. Over the past few hours, many fans in Italy to discuss moon cake, dumplings, Mid Autumn Festival and so on, which has become a hot topic. This is the best promotion of Chinese culture. In addition, the Italy Derby, although China Jindong returns, but Zhang Jindong, the son of Italy, known as "Steven Zhang" Zhang Kangyang, has arrived in duzhan away. As everyone knows, after the 25 year old Zhang Kangyang Thohir is likely to abdicate, Suning focus arrangement under the chairmanship of Milan, although Zhang Kangyang in the country is more low-key, but in Italy it is very attention people – after all, future president of the inter identity no trivial matter. Moratti for highly of Zhang Kangyang "he is a quick thinking, fast response, and ability of the refined and cultured man, I very good impression of him. I hope he can enter the inter board, share responsibility in there, is extremely good for his own occupation experience". Walton, a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of business at the, is handsome and bright!相关的主题文章: