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Real-Estate When you work with a .pany to stop foreclosure in San Jose and short sell your home you’ll also be assembling a package for the loan .pany. It provides information showing why you can no longer make payments on your mortgage, that the value of the property is less than it’s mortgage and why the bank should accept the offer on your home. In essence, it should document all the needed information to market a house in preforeclosure. The items included in the package would be determined by your realtor or investor. Almost all packages include the item Standard Purchase and Sales Agreement & Escrow Instruction since this is a basic contract between you and the buyer. Also, the Authorization To Release Information from your realtor is expected as well and you have to sign it so the mortgage .pany can do their job. What it does is it lets the realtor deal with the bank with all your privileges, as if you’re the one dealing with them personally. To prove and explain your inability to pay your loan, a hardship letter is required. Include as much information as possible to help your case, events like unemployment, inability to work due to sickness, and other possible reasons for financial difficulty. Provide additional proof as well aside from the letter, like copies of payslips, which would show that your salary is not a substantial amount to cover the mortgage. Afterwards, the team will help you with the short sale to stop foreclosure in San Jose and get you to sign the Letter Of Agreement and Addendum which is a disclaimer that although they’re working with you and the bank to prevent foreclosure, they’re not promising anything in case things do not go as planned. Find a Copy of Warranty Deed and proving property ownership. Also, when an investor has agreed to make payments on your property, get a hold of a Trustee is Making Payments Letter so this can be included as well to keep your home out of foreclosure. Once the investor has started to make payments, those payments will be counted against their offer price for your property. To ensure both parties are aware of the entire state of the property, including damages and defects, upon sale, .plete the Residential Real Estate Disclosure. In addition to these requested items your realtor or investor may want to include some of the following extras to really make the case. Whether it is a nicely written letter that covers all the contents of the short sale package or a number of photographs of dilapidated or damaged areas of your home these extras can really play a pivotal role in convincing the bank to short sell a property. A Cover Letter, Proposed Closing Statement (HUD1), Market Value Estimate, Cost Of Needed Repairs, and a Notice Of Trustee’s Sale can really help and go a long way in helping your cause. A Notice of Trustee’s Sale simply denotes an sheriff sale. Keep in mind that to be able to stop foreclosure in San Jose, assembling the package is necessary. This package is very important to a short sale. A good package will really exemplify the need for a short sale through the details it contain both for the required information and the extras that .e along with it. If you are looking for help, you can get all you need here… stop foreclosure in San Jose now . There are plenty of options from refinancing to short sales: stop foreclosure in San Jose . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: