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Speed to onlookers! This is probably the most hot big things — real estate — people.com.cn note for this week’s fashion circle: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only. In August 21st, much attention are Master Luneng? Diaoyutai MGM mansion floor model was held grandly in Beijing. The real estate industry mix of fashion, a stunning flower it is reported that the event is cross-border cooperation with the fashion group real estate enterprises "fashion king" reputation of the Luneng Group jointly lead the Chinese fashion 23 years jointly held, is different from the real estate sector more in favor of prudent and solemn ceremony, on the day of the fashion circle, the real estate sector big coffee here, the activities of the day is a wonderful fashion show as the beginning, beautiful supermodel, luxurious costumes, a dazzling flash, the US mansion for the owners to create a lifestyle of the most intuitive and shocking presentation. The stars gathered in the cross party, sensation capital fashion fashion and the unique characteristics of fashion show can be regarded as the Luneng? Diaoyutai MGM a wonderful debut mansion. The Olympic champion Wang Hao, clarinetist, calligrapher Lee Mi-Yeon, Wang? Fashion fashion fashion, such as a skin expert from real estate, entertainment, art in different areas of the star and the elite guests dressed up, is to let the wonderful fashion event of frequent, considerably. In their respective fields have a significant influence on the stars to share their views on fashion and fashion life. For the Olympic champion Wang Hao, his life and exercise are inseparable, and cutting-edge contemporary young artists? Is more concerned about the community’s privacy and service facilities, "the most beautiful Chinese calligrapher," said Lee Mi-Yeon, the fashion life requirement is more stringent, community environmental protection, health and comfort the degree will be taken into account, Mr. Kawa Ichi found the fashion life embodied in the design of simple Home Furnishing. Although different for lifestyle concerns, but they are living for Lumei mansion for the owners to create a community are greatly appreciated. The four different areas of Star Cross on the same stage, in the occupation of the fashion headlines this week at the same time, also let us become a mansion the opening ceremony of the big things in Beijing caused extensive hot fashion. Luneng? Diaoyutai MGM mansion, symbiosis and high-end fashion as everyone knows, Luneng? Diaoyutai MGM mansion is building fashion landmark by the three giants jointly offered huge. Luneng Group in the real estate sector known as "fashion king", Diaoyutai State Guest House is China reception hall first, MGM Resorts International is famous in the world, therefore, Luneng mansion? Diaoyutai MGM birthright has high-end project quality and strong fashion. The four cross-border joint field star, it is means that the project’s unique temperament, fame is not limited to the real estate sector, is attracting more attention of many entertainment stars. Tasting hotline 010-59526666. (Wang Qianyuan: snow, commissioning editor Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: