Special comments the spirit of the National Women’s volleyball team does not need to fight in the fu-segotep

Special comments: the spirit of the National Women’s volleyball team does not need to use the future to spell [information] National 12 strong match list: Hengda Hu Rentian, who wrote in the column of the author: the three children, you know, how long have we been waiting for you, you know, how long have you been waiting for us to do so in the past seven months? – 15 years, more than a cycle of more than 3 years. That year, the Five Mile River, Chinese football can finally be head out of the stadium. And what you left us was a hard time". 15 years ago, we are still children, when we do not understand the excitement of the elderly at home, do not understand why they shed tears. And 15 years later, we have grown up, took over the old man in the hands of the remote control, and then we finally understand what is the reason for the excitement: foot complex. Looking back over the years we love the country, really too hard. A simple summary of each fan’s attitude towards the country is that: "love is not love, indifference is self harm." Or that sentence, no matter where we are, whether the work is very busy, as long as the Orangemen coming soon, everyone will care for them, even if that may lose, but always tell myself: "in case of self deception to win?" So, the Asian Cup group phase victory after qualifying, we were excited. A world cup, we also excited. Remember when the Asian Cup in Australia, tipsy state hum songs of Hao Haidong? That is the joy from the heart, from the heart out of his. This time we met a very serious situation, South Korea, Iran, Uzbekistan, Qatar and Syria, none of these opponents can easily be defeated. Such a situation, it is inevitable for us to think of the Olympic Games was divided into the death of the Chinese women’s volleyball team. Do not want to make great football than women, but women’s volleyball team tells us a truth: "when we are together, let us go!" Chinese football is not the spirit of the women’s volleyball, which does not regret, we must know that the spirit of light is not enough, because it is necessary for us to fight to win back. Is Korea very strong? Maybe, but Gao Hongbo will not to regard it as right the 3-0 victory, very touching remember? 32 years of koreaphobia, go with the wind. Deng Zhuoxiang is not the swing of the South Korean guard, but our psychological fear, in fact, South Korea is also the case. We should have confidence in yourself now, Chinese football has the best environment, have let Yao Ming is jealous of the attention, at all levels of the Youth League and the rapid development of the situation, the brothers do not miss a chance to rewrite history. Do not let your youth, to live up to this prosperity. 12 games, we can not miss. Chinese football can never again toward the end of a world cup, you can not afford to lose, we also can not afford to lose. 15 years, really waiting too long. September 1st, coordinate Korea, Seoul. The dragon team is coming! We are no longer the spectators, together with you to battle for the country, only together we can be the true Chinese team. The five-star red flag is so beautiful, let it fly in the stadium after chance. Let the fans feel happy again for the lovely fans, to create a 15 years ago, the "qualifying day" when excited. China team battle!相关的主题文章: