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The "Zhao Chengri" for 20 years to improve North Korea reported the special representative of the North Korean foreign cultural Liaison Committee Agaro in the western image – Sohu News Reference News Network September 10th? "He more bluesy, North Korea’s ambassador in the west is famous. Benos recently accepted an interview with Russia’s "satellite" news agency, North Korea, which is also a mystery for most Westerners, and now the future of their views. Reported that North Korea has a bluesy, Kiara? Name, Zhao Chengri, means "a korean". The Spaniard spent 20 years to improve North Korea’s image in the west. Reported that in 1990, at the age of 16, he was the first time in Madrid, the World Tourism Organization met with representatives of North korea. He first arrived in Pyongyang in 1994. The trip left a deep impression on him, and a few years later, he founded the Korea Friendship Association in spain". At that time, he hopes to work on North Korea’s official request has not approved, the reason is no precedent. It is reported that bluesy only formal work in North Korea diplomatic institutions of foreigners. Not long ago, he opened a restaurant in Tarragona, Spain, where you can learn more about North korea. The following is an interview with reporters: you are one of the people who have been defending the Korean political system. How and when did you connect yourself with North Korea? Benos: I was 16 years old when he thinks he is a communist, know a few families from North Korea in madrid. At that time, I just expressed my willingness to live in North Korea and make my own contribution to the revolution. Reporter: what makes you so interested in this country? Benos: the main idea of the creation of the leaders of Kim Il-Sung. Reporter: how is the idea of creating an unusual restaurant? Benos: Pyongyang restaurant is our first restaurant in foreign countries. Guests can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the country, read magazines in the library, taste our tea and beer. Open to everyone, guests can learn more about the country. Reporter: do you have more guests? What are the characteristics of your guests? Are you going to open a new restaurant? Benos: a lot of guests. In less than a month’s time every day 30-40 visitors. Our guests are not interested in North Korea’s young people, is very polite and culture, with their friends or family, hope to know more about North Korea, enjoy the quiet and unusual atmosphere. Reporter: how do you predict North Korea after 25 years? Benos: with my own imagination, in 25 years, North Korea will become a very developed country, while still retaining the socialist system. Reporter: what do you think of North Korea’s nuclear program? Benos: nuclear program, which is the guarantee of the existence of the country. Without it, North Korea would be another Iraq, Libya or Syria. These countries have been deprived of their own cultural stability by the false flag of freedom.相关的主题文章: