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Sohu Dongguan quick assessment: armored car shot provocation need more truth – Sohu review – – Linghu Qing Dongguan Changan town October 27th Yakuan car armed escorts shot shoot event, belonging to Jun an armored car company was a yellow brick after smashing windows, the town government informed that guards "repeated warnings" after the riot gun fired rubber bullets "warning shots, Hwang was shot down, after the rescue invalid, died on the spot. The violence, the company fully qualified, and in the general view of people, and belongs to the high alert armed armored vehicles, escort personnel under specific conditions, with the legal authority. This is why in the fact that at the outset, the public opinion on the ground fell to Hwang’s behavior puzzled, fuzzy support for the cause of the shooting, and even suspect Hwang has mental problems. At present, the progress of the company and the town of Changan gave a preliminary briefing, but with the media in-depth understanding, showing some more noteworthy information. Some witnesses claimed that the reason why Hwang was chasing the car, because he had a car accident with the car, the car did not stop the car, he took a brick to catch up. This information needs further confirmation. If the witness said is the fact that the armored car shot provocative events will have another telling method, followed by a shot until killed yellow coping style, there may be deliberate. At that time, the car is not in the car is not enough to stop dangerous situation? Is the upgrade of the warning and killed in compliance with the procedures? Causes for the emergence of new traffic accidents, more need to disclose the authentic and complete and fair. Because this is directly related to the key to whether the shooting killed Hwang is the key to the establishment of. In other words, the armored car was smashed after fire escape, however "armored car accident escape and shooting" a traffic accident occurred after the other party ", the reason will be very weak. In other words, Huang is how with the armored car to go, and take a disproportionate and guards armed ability was thwarted behavior, need a reasonable explanation, especially the witness provides a new scene to restore more should be taken seriously. This is not only to Huang and his family a fair account, more responsibility to clarify the public opinion. Armored force was given, conditional deprivation of life, which requires the use of force has very strict rules, the firearms operation staff should be very clear, sufficient and necessary conditions. Only in this way, the armored car can be carrier with legitimate fear; for if vague, supercargo on boundaries of unsuspectingly, armored car could turn into a terrible thing. Work in a state of securicar tuibisanshe, especially to prevent misleading action, led supercargo finger gun, is almost common sense. But on the other hand, the improper use of firearms company also have heard, there are guards with guns Dutch act, internal personnel hijacked truck, a manslaughter passersby, improper incident shadows projected on the case of Dongguan. In other words, in addition to emphasizing company armed power, the power of fire,.相关的主题文章: