So nervous! Guangdong maternity leave can be extended to 178 days Which 5 kinds of circumstances can

So nervous! Guangdong maternity leave can be extended to 178 days? Which 5 kinds of circumstances can give birth again? Tomorrow will be able to see the outcome! Remarried couples have children want to regenerate? Want to increase maternity leave? Sterilization to answer? Everything is possible! 29 afternoon, the Guangdong provincial population and family planning regulations amendment (Draft) will be submitted to the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee of the twenty-eighth session of the meeting, after the vote, will be published on the date of implementation of the twelve. The draft amendment to the remarriage of the sick and disabled children and other special circumstances of the re birth policy refinement, 5 kinds of reproductive conditions clearly remarried couples. In addition, the draft amendment will be extended maternity leave from 30 days to a maximum of 80 days, that is, Guangdong women’s maternity leave is expected to increase to 178 days. What are the highlights of the amendment? Take you down under the inventory of Aberdeen wide down one bright spot according to the current implementation of the regulations, the one-child mothers maternity leave reward holiday 30 days, women on maternity leave: 98 days +30 days of maternity leave basic family planning reward (two children within =128 days) leave in accordance with the "amendment" after adjustment: 98 days of maternity leave +80 day planning reward (two children within =178 days) leave that is to say, if the amendment vote, Guangdong women on maternity leave will increase by 50 days! Highlight two highlights three highlights four you want to know if there are those in the draft released here how to do? The draft amendment to the January 1, 2016 amendment to the date of publication of "this time" back ", intended to clear the married couples and children disabled family birth again in this time, in accordance with the provisions of the amendment, which belongs to the" policy fertility". If to bounce back, what is the penalty? The standard of social maintenance fee collection varies from place to place. Guangdong clear, urban residents bounce a child, on both sides by the local county (city, district) or prefecture level cities without a district of urban residents last year (residents) per capita disposable income as the base, a one-time charge of 3 times more than 6 times the social compensation fee, the actual income is higher than the previous year the local county (city, district) urban residents last year (residents) per capita disposable income, the exceeding part should also be in accordance with the above 1 times and 2 times the social compensation fee charged. Guangdong released these practical features waiting for you ~ ~ want to get married? On the "Guangdong release" (micro signal: gdfabu0710) reply "appointment registration" can make an appointment online birth baby? Remember the first "released in Guangdong before going to the hospital" (micro signal: gdfabu0710) for the "appointment" Guang Zi will continue to work hard, make your life more convenient anyway, we have to pay attention to editor: he ran, Sun Liming, Wei Planning Commission of Guangdong Province, Nanfang Daily and other more exciting content, please pay attention to Guangdong release (micro signal: gdfabu0710)相关的主题文章: