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SMG trend: the Welch FA Cup unbeaten home court Follett was upset SMG trend on Monday 001 Wuerzburg kicker VS Pauli game time: 03:15 recommended: 2016-11-08,     Sheng Ping;         2-1 score: 1-1, Wuerzburg kicked the ball game in the advanced ball, eventually Hannover has been reversed, Hollerbach said after the game the team lost due to the strength of the gap, but the players performed very well. St. Pauli, home court than draw in Nuremberg, although not able to usher in the second victory of the season, but after the game coach Liening said the team performed significantly better than the previous rounds of progress, and the return from injury of three defenders, right back Hayden, the main defender, he GUNT defender L. cable Behe are outstanding. Wuerzburg players have begun to attack the offensive side of the face, in the face of the attack began to recover the feeling of the Pirates of the Legion, the home win a certain degree of difficulty. On Monday 003 Nangang VS Follett Wood game time: 2016-11-08 03:45 recommended: Sheng score: 1-0 Nangang is combined Chinese and English team, England Fifth Division team. They won in the last round of League win, the weekend away defeat Torquay united. Prior to the England FA Cup qualifying victory over Chester in the South than the home court reached the FA Cup first round. In recent years there have been a number of Nangang reached the FA Cup race experience, and they are in the FA Cup home court record is outstanding, have Shengping Fu, had defeated Barnett, Sheffield Wednesday and other British B league team and experience. Follett Wood in the last round of League one guest than lost to Bristol Rovers, the competitions this season’s only won two. The warm-up had a fight in the season before the season, Wood will win than follett. The card Wood Follett strength is much higher, but the rotation and war will affect the outcome of the balance. Nangang have the FA Cup history well, or have the opportunity to refrigeration.相关的主题文章: