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Djokovic played Pro for Asian season: my goal is the end of the year the first [Abstract] this year about his other game plan, Djokovic said: "I’m going to go to Beijing, Shanghai and Paris masters finals, and in London at the end of the year, my main goal to steady in the first year-end ranking." Djokovic won the US Open Wawrinka reversed rallying domineering sports in September 15th to celebrate the Tencent, according to Serbia media reports, Djokovic in the previous interview that he for his lost to stan · in the final of the US Open; Wahlin card does not regret, his goal is to lay the end of the season, the first to get the end of the year. In the interview, Djokovic said that everything happens for a reason, "I have to accept this result, I really want to win, I could have won the game, but now I have to look forward." Djokovic said in an interview. When asked if the toe injury affected the final play, Djokovic said: "this is part of my job, I have to overcome it. There’s always some reason to jump out of trouble at the crucial time." He said. After a week of rest and treatment, Djokovic will fly to Milan, and Nadal, Serena Williams, Fogler Jhnny and peineida together to participate in a charity match. Exhibition for a period of two days, it is reported that the game ticket price is very high, the sight is good seat fare is 155 euro (equivalent to 1161 yuan), VIP fares from 750 Euros (equivalent to 5621 yuan) price. Organizers said the audience to buy the VIP area have the opportunity to participate in the meeting, and tennis players face to face contact. After the charity show, Djokovic will resume training to prepare for the final part of the season. Turning to his other games this year, he said: "I’m going to Beijing, Shanghai and Paris masters, as well as the London year-end finals, my main goal is to keep the year-end ranking in the first place." The advantage of Djokovic nearly 4600 points ahead of the first second Murray behind in the world. (Wang Xingchen)相关的主题文章: