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Business You have ramped up your marketing efforts, hit the streets both offline and online and prospects are starting to show up. Now it’s your chance to turn those prospects into clients You can turn prospects into clients by understanding the 3 phases (and a bonus 4th) that your business must be set up to successfully take them through. Prospect: This is where I don’t know you at all. I have no idea who you are or what you sell. But you, the business owner, have my contact information. In this phase, I’m considered your "prospect." In this phase, it’s your job to turn me into a lead. So you market to me by making me an offer (a brochure, flyer, free something, newsletter, something to see if I’ll say "yes."). Question: The big question for you in this phase is: Are you going after prospects? Because only when you go after leads will you find leads. Lead: This is where I raise my hand an indicate in some way that I’m actually interested in what you have to sell. I signed up to get what you offered. I may have responded to your postcard, flyer, brochure, signed up for your newsletter or free teleseminar etc.) I raised my hand, said "yes" and gave you my information (name, email, etc) In this critical phase, it’s your job to convince me to actually buy from you. Question: The big question for you in this phase is: Are you making your offer attractive enough to turn prospects into leads? And when they be.e a lead, are you tracking their contact information somewhere? Client: Contact information is pure gold to any business owner. Your list of leads is your #1 asset. As a lead, you can make me more offers and I may then choose to be.e your client. The client phase is where I pull out my wallet and give you ca$h or credit card information. I’m sold and I trust you enough to give you money for what you have. And it doesn’t matter how much money. If I give you money for something you have, I’m in the client phase. Question: The big question for you in this phase is: Are you providing what your potential clients really want so that they pull out their wallets to buy from you? Bonus phase – Raving Fan: I’ve already bought something from you so I’m indeed your client. I may have even bought from you more than once. But am I a raving fan? In the champion phase, I’m not only buying from you but I’m telling other people about you, how great your products and services are, and also encouraging them to buy. What’s even better is that you have no idea I’m actually doing this. But by my referral behavior, I am in fact, your raving fan. And you’ll know you have champions when people start showing up saying that they heard about you from someone else. Referrals are happening. Question: Are your products and services SO good that it not only encourages repeat buyers but creates raving fans that bring in even more clients and customers? To turn prospects into the customers, your business must be set up to transition prospects into leads, turn leads into clients, turn clients into raving fans which creates even more customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: