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Skating Finland cup Mao Asada lost won the silver Chen Weiqun lost beauty teenager Mao Asada data figure Sina Sina   sports news sports news; October 9th Beijing time, ISU is an adult group B race "Finland Cup" figure skating competition in Espoo City falling curtain. Japan’s Mao Asada lost to Canada Osmond was the runner up women’s singles project. The American teenager Chen Wei beat Canada’s Chen Weiqun won the men’s singles gold medal. Canada’s world champion combined with Ladd Ford did not encounter great challenges, easily won the title of the double project. The ice dancing gold combination Stepan Nova Bukin picked by russia. The female single skating in the tournament singles project star studded, two world champions Russia and Japan took Tamishewa Mao Asada came to the team. In addition to World Championships medal winner Russia and Canada’s Osmond Pagerilaya. The four champion scored four, one of the top three of the more intense competition. Finally, Osmond from Canada Mao Asada win win. Osmond short program chose the famous French singer Piaf’s two songs. She can play the short program, opening scheduled three week three weeks even jump second jump for two weeks. The other hook for three weeks and two weeks of single hop Bandou no problem. The three rotations and the successive steps are four. Short program score 64.73 (technology is divided into 35.35, the program content is divided into 29.38) in the top third. The results of her free skating, although there have been several mistakes, but the difficulty is not small. Along with Puccini’s opera "La Boheme", she tried after the opening in three week after three weeks of ice even jump, jump off the ice with the first, the detained executive branch. After two and a half weeks after two weeks and three weeks even jump hook hop is no problem. After entering the second half, she completed the first two weeks of a single jump three. After the original triple jump the first jump off the ice squat, resulting in second jump only a week, and also is JIANGZU, fortunately timely adjust connected to the third jump. The last two weeks and a half turned over. The three rotation has been the level of four, step by step level three. At the end of her free skate score (122.54 points 60.59 technology, the program content 61.95) ranked in the first single, with a total of 187.27 difficult victory over Asada won the championship. The concern of the Japanese star Mao Asada show the new season of the two sets of programs, interesting is her two show music composer, are selected from the ballet "magic of love". The short program of her performance in general, the opening of three and a half weeks of single hop made only two and a half weeks after the jump down the difficulty also chose flip loop three week after two weeks. Half of the program of the loop three week single hop ice is not good, the detained executive branch. The three rotations are all level Four, and the next step is level three. The content of the program is the highest in her audience, five small points have been scored more than 8 points, the highest is the music expression of 8.33 points. Finally, with 64.87 of her short program results (technology is divided into 32.55, the program content is divided into 32.32) ranked in the top second. She still chose to slide down the difficulty of the strategy. Three weeks and a half for the first half of the week, only for two weeks相关的主题文章: