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Holidays With Christmas just around the corner, the frantic search to find that perfect gift that your child will adore is probably in full swing. If your child is over 3 and under 10 years old, loves bright colors and enjoys listening to music, then search no more, you can buy Sing-a-ma-jigs. Sing-a-ma-jigs are adorable plush toys. These characters are zany and free-spirited. The most wonderful thing about them is they sing in perfect harmony! And, you can buy Sing-a-ma-jigs in a range of bright colors like blue, pink, red, mint green, purple and orange! Sing-a-ma-jigs are the latest singing toys that are sweeping the US by storm. They happen to be featured among the top 15 toy lists for 2010 and, have even been featured in many YouTube videos and talk shows all over America. Many are even considering Sing-a-ma-jigs as the reinvention of the age-old favorite, the teddy bear. These incredibly adorable plush toys are meant for children above 3 and under 10 years old, but many adults are also unable to resist them. As these characters have such hypnotic eyes and a fuzzy texture, you will inevitably find yourself drawn to them. Once you hold them close and hear them sing, you won’t be able to put them down and might even buy Sing-a-ma-jigs for yourself! Before you buy Sing-a-ma-jigs, you need to find out just how special these toys are. If you press on the toy’s belly, it starts to either make funny sounds or sing. It changes modes with just a press on the toy’s hand. There are six varieties to choose from when you buy Sing-a-ma-jigs: you can have a pink bear, an adorable blue dog, a bright and spritely red bear, a g.eously cute purple dog, a cuddly orange bear, and an absolutely delectable yellow bunny. Each of these characters makes a different sound. The toys sing jigs in such a charming way that children readily sing along. Their mouths move as they sing and they even have small teeth and tongue that make them appear so real. You can buy Sing-a-ma-jigs as a single toy or as a set of four toys. Each Sing-a-ma-jig is unique and sings at a different pitch so even if you get more than one, the toys sing together producing harmonious sounds like a choir. And, the larger the chorus is, the more euphonious they sound. No matter which characters you decide to put together, they will always sound captivating. When you buy Sing-a-ma-jigs, you know you are also encouraging children to play together and enhance their social skills. When you buy Sing-a-ma-jigs, you are also helping children develop an ear for the different pitch in music and how they can go together to make harmony. It doesn’t just provide hours of fun and entertainment for children, it also develops their musical inclinations while encouraging them to interact with one another. All these make Sing-a-ma-jigs the perfect 2010 Christmas gift for children under 10. For more information about where to buy Sing-a-ma-jigs, please click on the link below. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: