Sichuan high-speed 777 etc vehicles 3 million 490 thousand yuan toll evasion-t420s

Sichuan high-speed 777 ETC vehicles 3 million 490 thousand yuan toll evasion Huaxi Dushi Bao (reporter Li Tianyu) 22, reporters from the 2016 ETC special vehicle logistics "recovered action linkage meeting was informed that in October this year, Sichuan inspection to the monitoring center through the preliminary screening, a total of 777 car fled fee 3 million 490 thousand yuan. In this regard, from now until December 18th, to carry out special operations ETC the recovery of arrears in Sichuan expressway construction and Development Corporation in jurisdiction section, establish and improve the long-term mechanism of toll evasion recovered the province’s highway logistics linkage. According to the inspection supervision center Sichuan company responsible person, ETC of Sichuan expressway toll system opened on October 8, 2014, at the end of October this year, the province’s ETC users exceeded 1 million 700 thousand vehicles, motor vehicles accounted for the province’s 1/10, the Airbus ETC utilization rate reached 35%. However, great convenience of public travel, the use of ETC vehicle lane evasion has gradually increased, and evasion means and forms of diversity, evasion behavior relative concealment is not easy to discover, serious damage to the highway toll order. From November 3rd to November 18th this year, Sichuan company inspection monitoring center in Panxi high speed development of the ETC vehicle "special recovery pilot work, 49 owners take the initiative to pay the arrears of tolls, tolls have recovered more than 24 yuan. From November 22nd to December 18th, Sichuan to ETC special inspection action recovery of arrears in the province’s highway. By comparing the data, lock the evading vehicle after notice to the owner to send SMS, call a written; operating company set up special telephone counseling, do subsidy; fails to accept the deal of the vehicle, will be included in the ETC blacklist. According to reports, in March 24th this year, Sichuan company audit monitoring center in denain high-speed investigating together forged driver driving license ETC evaded tolls case, by the Chengdu Chenghua District court verdict, owner Wang guilty of fraud, sentenced to 1 years in prison, 2 years probation, fined 10 thousand yuan. This is the province’s first sentence was sentenced to real ETC cases. Extended reading: fake driving license ETC card 3 inter provincial bus escape the tolls of 340 thousand citizens in Chengdu Sichuan A car city ETC deducted 123 yuan for Sichuan’s first scrap car fled ETC toll million Sichuan high-speed ETC lane into the artificial lane to Sichuan’s first credit card fraud owners sentenced ETC evasion相关的主题文章: