She forced her 4 year old daughter to cook every day because the reason touched countless people-denka

She forced her 4 year old daughter every day to cook the reason was touched by the number of people concerned about the public number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! A flower in September when the mother of thousands of breast cancer recurrence. In October 2006, her cancer cells were transferred to the body. If you don’t have a lot of years, what will you leave to your young children? "I have nothing, I can only cook, do housework, let her even if a person can live well…" Now a flower, optimistic sensible and independent. Not only can cook all the housework, also be nothing difficult, wash clothes, bath brush, cleaning the room, and ready to go to the kindergarten, finishing wardrobe, pick up their clothes, the small age will housework, behind this story makes people sad. If it is not Grandpa vegetable stick, a flower and may not be able to come to this world. In 2001, the end of the treatment of breast cancer after Qianhui married boyfriend Takenobu Go, never abandon. In June 2002, thousands of benefits actually found himself miraculously pregnant, but to give birth to the child, it is likely that breast cancer recurrence…… Cook had been sentenced to life to mother Chieko, how willing to knock down a child, but it’s take life to change! Finally his father told her: if you feel that you will regret it, it was born! Hui Hui wedding photo on 2003, 2 years old, a flower lucky came to the world. Mother Chieko heartfelt gratitude, "and Jen met that I lived in this world, this is more important than their children, my life is precious." Mother and daughter photo unfortunately, a flower in September when the big, thousands of breast cancer recurrence. In October 2006, her cancer cells have been transferred to the whole body, even holding a flower strength is not… Mom fed a flower to eat, I’m sorry ah. My mother is ill, and she has a pain in her body." A young flower seems to feel what, very sensible with mom. Mom and a flower play if you are not many years, what will you leave to young children? I want to open up, "money, rights, status and property, I have nothing. Think about it, I can only do the cooking, housework, let her seriously live every day, even if a person can live well…" Mother and a flower flower 4 years old birthday, thousands of Hui gave a beautiful apron to her. "A flower, cook this thing with the life, I will teach you how to take the knife, how to do housework, learning can be placed in second place, as long as the health of the body, can be self reliant, the future no matter where I go, what to do, can live." The 4 year old Jen Jen, is mother "force" to take the knife to do healthy miso soup. Although a knife spent look pretty scary, Qianhui still hold without a sound, also did not reach out…… "If I take a mop how, I don’t want people to think, not because the child is not what mom. I want to teach her a little more now, so that even after I am gone, she can go on. Even if she said fear, even if she hated me, I have to stick to it." Growing up a flower 2)相关的主题文章: