Shaoxing man was the result of his alarm was planted so serious consequences 3u8547

The results of the Shaoxing men’s alarm was planted so serious consequences, "Hey, 110? My car was stolen… "… November 6th, Shaoxing Keqiao District Qixian Lee police station received the alarm call, said his car was stolen, after the alarm, the police immediately organized investigation. According to Lee’s description, on the same day, the police found the car in Shaoxing East town. According to the police were summoned to the owners, but the owners turned out to be all at sea puzzled, the car went through a second-hand car intermediary to buy. Is it really like what he said? Who is lying? Alarm Lee, aged 48, from Anhui, for a period of time in Qixian town life, he ran the transportation before, now do other work, so they want to put the van resaled. Because he could not find a buyer, he parked the car on the roadside, and posted a small ad on the car. On the afternoon of November 3rd, Lee received a strange phone, it was a fancy to his car to buy. Wait for the buyer, Lee hung up the phone after a hurry to go to the parking place. After some bargaining parties, soon settled the price. As the truck has been scrapped years, Lee eventually sold the car to the price of 12 thousand and 300 yuan. A hand in money after the car, both focusing on the license plate. Lee does not want to sell the license plate, but the other party has said that the car does not have the license plate back, it is easy to be punished by the traffic police. Then, the two men consulted for a while. After discussion, the other said he can first pay 100 yuan deposit license plate borrowed, and drove to the destination and then return the license plate. Lee agreed to the proposal. However, the other will drive away, until the third day, has not been returned to the license plate. Period, Lee to the other side made a few phone calls, but the other side has not answered. Lee worried about this, he worried that his license plate hanging on the other car, in case the other side of the accident, is likely to be implicated in his. So he wanted to get the license plate back as soon as possible. After deliberation, he finally thought of the police. In order to attract the attention of the police, he decided not to the actual situation, but told police that his car was stolen. It turned out that Lee is a second-hand car to buy a car agency, he bought a car from Lee and soon sold to the owners now. The owner was planning to return the license plate, but later because of busy with other things to forget, the phone has not received, no thought to cause misunderstanding. And Lee also admitted his false alarm, ultimately due to illegal acts alleged false case, Lee was the police administrative detention for 5 days punishment. Non police alarm and alarm invalid class "serious occupation of the limited resources of the police, eventually lead: one is waiting long or do not play into the masses call 110; the two is caused by the waste of police resources; three is really needed to delay the police arrived at the scene of all kinds of Criminal Police intelligence disposal. Do not listen to discourage malicious call 110, serious interference 110 desk work and even false alarm, the police will be based on the legal provisions of administrative penalties for public security, serious enough to constitute a crime, will be held criminally responsible.相关的主题文章: