Shandong University after a lapse of half a century back to Qingdao school ddrtys

Shandong University, after a lapse of half a century back to school in Qingdao – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Qingdao (reporter Zhang Xudong) in September 24, the official opening of the Qingdao campus of the Shandong University in 24, the first batch of more than 1000 students on college life here. This is a half century after the Shandong University back to Qingdao again. Shandong University President Zhang Rong, Shandong University in Qingdao campus life, information and marine and other 5 subjects cluster and 3 national platform, the 6 school of life college, School of information and computer science and national glycoengineering Research Center, National Engineering Laboratory for coal-fired pollutants emission reduction of 8 scientific research institutes and overall move to Qingdao Campus development. In addition, the Shandong University launched the Marine Research Institute, Germany, Institute of Frontier Science Research Institute, China International Science and technology innovation park and a number of scientific research and innovation platform construction in the Qingdao campus, and will be in Qingdao campus with the Virginia Tech and other foreign university cooperative education. Zhang Rong said that in the 115 year history of the school of Shandong University, Qingdao, the city has become an indelible memory and the era of its indelible mark. The last century in 30s and 50s, the Shandong University created two brilliant in Qingdao, won the "Far East Ocean subject first" and "national best biology" and "good history" reputation, but also because of Qingdao Shandong University and accumulated a profound cultural city. In 1958, Shandong University moved to Ji’nan, ocean and Fisheries and the geological department is planning to build three to stay in Qingdao, now developed into Ocean University of China. For a long time, Shandong University did not give up the dream of returning to school in Qingdao. March 2012, Qingdao campus foundation. After more than 4 years of construction, Qingdao campus ushered in the first batch of students this year, Shandong University formed a new pattern of school in Ji’nan, Qingdao and Weihai." Zhang Rong said. Shandong University is located in the core area of Qingdao blue Silicon Valley, the total planned land 3000 acres, the campus is divided into three phases. With a total construction area of about 700 thousand square meters and a total investment of about RMB 4 billion, the first phase of the project can meet the needs of about 10 thousand students and 2000 faculty members. Phase two and phase three projects will be launched this year and in 2018.相关的主题文章: