Shandong college counselors read students cited dissatisfaction and recrimination candy boy

Shandong college counselors read students cited dissatisfaction with a counselor at Shandong Normal University students match did not think, he read English (course) four professional examinations, the students in the class QQ group actually attracted the chorus of condemnation. October 18th, the Foreign Language Institute of Shandong Normal University in the English class 2014 QQ group, a number of students with anonymous way to express dissatisfaction with the counselor Yang Sen, and some even use a bad language. Yang Sen is not in this group, every time someone opened the curse, will attract many students response. Yang Sen know, the first in a "2014 division of foreign languages" QQ group to the students shouted: "please do not arbitrarily anonymous in the group of indiscriminate spraying, the gas spread in others and yourself to their bottom line." But soon, Yang Sen in this QQ also swearing back to the students, saying that even if the student is anonymous, he also knows who insulted him, if these students do not want to leave in the 2014 level can choose to leave. For this storm, October 20th, Hu Yanling, vice president of the school of foreign languages, Shandong Normal University, said there is no clear provision of the college should be published in the professional examination results four. Read aloud results cited dissatisfaction with the students in October 19th, students of grade 2014 English majors more than foreign language school of Shandong Normal University told the surging news, October 18th 12 at noon, in the school C335 classroom, instructor Yang Sen held the grade all the English major students grade. According to the memories of several students, Yang Sen said at the grade meeting, held in June 18th, the National College English test four, foreign language college English class 243 students, there are 35 students failed. Then, he will score 208 by specific professional examinations four students, according to the number of public order in reading. "Even when I was in high school, there was no teacher who had read all of them in public, let alone in the face of the whole class." Liu Ying grade 2014 English Majors in the University (a pseudonym) told the surging news, she thinks Yang Sen and suitable way do not respect their privacy. She said her dormitory students, whether in the exam or not through, are very dissatisfied with the practice of Yang Sen. October 20th, Yang Sen told surging news, he did in the face of all the students in 18, read some of the students of English grade four. According to him, according to the school of foreign languages school tradition, every year the students’ professional four grades in college were released, but a problem of publication is that if you do this, every student can see other students’ grades. Because the 2014 level 35 grade unqualified students, he felt that if taken post the way, will cause psychological pressure on these students. So, he thought of a way to hold the grade will be read to the public in public. He said that when he announced the results only announced the results of the passing of the students, I guarantee that the failure of a student’s results are not published." Yang Sen said at the same time, there is an unwritten rule 2014, after each exam, the teacher sent the report card to the study committee, the students can ask the committee members to learn from.相关的主题文章: