Setting Up For Failure Can Be A Cool Hand-googims

Pets Chewing, its inevitable, chewing and puppies is like cuteness and puppies they just .e together, but hey I will take a little chewing for all that cuteness most days We all try to keep our puppies/dogs from chewing our valued items and I will take a show of hands whomever is successful in this endeavor. No hands? In the last year Charlie has gotten his teeth into one blackberry, one ipod, one lap top power cord, numerous baseball hats, a few books, and a clothes hamper just to name a few of our more cherished items on his list of destruction. We all know as well that you cant do much unless you catch him in the act. Here is where setting up for failure can be your ace in the sleeve as it were. No one wants your furry family member to fail at anything but sometimes it is your best option in a bunch of bad options. In this case I will be discussing the late night chew. Most nights Charlie simply shares the king size, sleeps at our feet or in the middle or on the outside. People hear this and make the frown, as its an awful thing having a Great Dane in your bed, personally my wife and I love it. We do have a double futon on the floor for Charlie and occasionally he will get up and get down on his own bed to stretch out while Sam and I just slumber on. Also Charlie will get up for a drink in the middle of the night out in the kitchen and dogs being dogs he will get distracted by something to chew. I am sure all of us as dog owners have awoken in the middle of the night to find the dog out chewing something to bits, hopefully something of no monetary value but not likely. I could of course just cage or crate Charlie for the night but I dont like him in the cage all night, hes just too big for that. So instead we leave items like sticks that he cant usually have in the house in a very sniff friendly spot but not just out in the open. During a late night roaming Charlie will more than likely go for the stick . Easy and familiar then search out something thats unknown, chews it a while, gets bored and jumps back in bed. Get up in the morning, find some wood chips, chewed on stick but no hats, cords, ipods, .puters, no books ripped to shreds. Ill take that as a win, maybe like a shoot out win, but Ill still take it. Good Boy About the Author: 相关的主题文章: