Sean Scully Master Tiehan tenderness

Sean · Schooley: master the young dragons have become accustomed to sit down and communicate in the dense were a cup of coffee or tea, and Sean · Schooley; communication is mobile, is almost a chase. Tight schedule and physical reasons, Sean has no time to sit down and chat. But what is the relationship? Step by step type of interview, coupled with the distance from far and near, but each time so close to his real work and the state of unity…… It’s a multidimensional Sean. Or in other words, the international level of the master of the abstract is more suitable for the fragmentation of multi-dimensional rendering. Sean · Schooley many years ago met Sean · Schooley, is he who revealed in the famous square solemn atmosphere, embedding fine logic structure and color in the depths of memory. Later in the real scene to see him, the first impression is also true. High and cold, serious in speech and manner. Well, that he often said that he is "Mason" (he has been engaged in the occupation, and his artistic language also everywhere traces of the building). But as long as mention the little son, Sean will have frozen thawing, spring struck expression. As one of the opening remarks of the lecture, Sean is indeed a very small number of artists. He said happily, "our father and son are similar, but the look and the manner is completely different". He made no secret of his unhappy childhood. He comes from Ireland, and Irish culture is a unique part of the culture of the region as a whole. Because the father was a World War II deserter, the Irish family had just moved to London in jail. The cultural differences and barriers, so he became a love to fight in the streets of wild children. He said that he could even start a fight with a look at the eyes. Early in his career, London also gave him a cold, so that until now he spoke of London is also said "the heart is broken". But God gave him a light. At the age of 17, he was a Vitoria train station to see the famous Van Gogh toil, but "Arles" in the bedroom in the Tate Gallery, painting a chair jumped into his eyes: this a simple chair, had used things, but people do not appear in the picture. The chair was just a bunch of light, and it hit him in a flash. The simple young man, however, suddenly read Van Gogh’s religious thought implied in the painting, and inspired a deep love for art. In that light, he believes that the direct contact and the art of the possible. Because the painting is not complicated, and very direct, directly to open a door to the art for him – it allows him to imagine, maybe one day, he can also create art". Eventually he wanted to go to a school of art in the outskirts of London, although not well-known institutions, but when you can enter the art of learning, has made his heart full of gratitude. There, he learned a lot of representational realism painting skills, and he is especially good at drawing, and later found themselves相关的主题文章: