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Sapphire behind the MLM trap: behind more than 1100 people cheated more than 8270 sapphire MLM trap: more than 1100 people cheated more than 8270 in the sapphire industry chain, people rely on hard work are opportunistic build up the family fortunes, want to walk the shortcut to success, but chained and thrown into prison. Recently, Jiangsu Province, Zhenjiang City Intermediate People’s court after the final ruling, upheld the first instance with the pretext of "direct" the sapphire marketing case by the organization, leading the crime pyramid schemes, sentenced to imprisonment for a five years and six months Xie, fined 300 thousand yuan; Lu Xueping 8 wealth management center responsible person for the same from three years and six months to charges were sentenced to eight months in prison and fined the. Dissatisfied with the status quo, before workers find rich "remedies" in 2013, Xie Zhi has removed much of the work, registered company open shop sales general merchandise stores. Do not meet the Xiaodaxiaonao Xie treatment to quickly financing a career. Lenovo to have been to Shandong before working in Changle, where he is rich in sapphire, made the Internet "third party payment" in the industry, study a MLM business model, Xie governance decided to combine the three, set up a company. In December 2013, thanks to the Internet to find a software development company, via telephone and QQ exchange, please make the company’s website, direct membership management system. Two months later, this set of different levels, different types of membership management system completed on schedule. Next, Xie governance in Shandong County of Changle province was established with registered capital of 10 million yuan in Shandong hi to Jewelry Co., business scope includes jewelry production, processing and sales, then the rental office office, issued recruitment information of formal operation. At the beginning of the run, thanks to Zibo, Laizhou and other places to develop membership. But because there is no influence, with little success. As a result, Xie began to spend money on advertising, and interviewed on television. He was still in Jiangsu Yangzhou, Henan Xinxiang and other places to set up a jewelry direct store, opened a flagship store in the online mall, to find people around financing, known as to establish an annual output of 9 million 500 thousand carat stone processing base, resulting in the strength of the false impression to the people. Dividends attracted to members by "brainwashing" in carefully designed treatment under the Shandong Xie, like a jewelry company known as mining, factory, quality, strength, in the company to buy jewelry as a member, you can enjoy the consumption dividend, dividends, finance and sales into mutual benefits such as circulating red, not only to join the consumption per month according to the proportion of the return and development of offline Commission and "three generation" membership offline other members "benefits sharing", high level members can also set up a wealth management center authorized (similar to a large area) and service center (equivalent to a large area by small area), get bonus incentive. The members of the development process, the wealth management center for unified organization with the intention of admission to Shandong to visit the company like jewelry, watch Xie Zhi TV interview video, visit the jewelry exhibition hall. Sometimes Xie also personally explain, describe the company’s grand blueprint. Some people have also been organized into Yangzhou相关的主题文章: