Samsung Brief Encounter TOYOTA said it had improved the lithium ion battery instability problem

Samsung Brief Encounter TOYOTA said it had improved the lithium ion battery instability problem of the TOYOTA Prius Prime Phoenix Technology News Beijing on November 1st news, according to foreign media reports, the Japanese automaker TOYOTA said that they have improved the lithium ion battery is not stable, can significantly without the additional cost of the case, to safely store more power. The message may have recently suffered Galaxy Note7 battery explosion Samsung Brief Encounter sigh. The new developments provide an option for TOYOTA to enter the all electric vehicle market. Although Tesla and Nissan and other competitors began to use lithium-ion batteries as early as about ten years ago, but the main reason is that TOYOTA has been hang back, worried about the cost of lithium-ion batteries, size and security issues. Lithium ion batteries are sometimes not stable, Note7 fire and Boeing Dreamliner allegedly blamed on the smoke. TOYOTA’s endorsement will stimulate the development of lithium-ion battery technology, so that TOYOTA production of all electric vehicles more than one option, the company had more inclined to develop fuel cell vehicles (FCV). TOYOTA said the plug-in Prius hybrid Prime will use lithium ion battery. In the case of full power, the vehicle can be driven by pure electric 37.3 miles, and then start the gasoline engine. Many lithium-ion automotive batteries use nickel, cobalt and manganese to produce electricity. This technology is able to store more power, shorter charging time, and is considered safer than other lithium-ion technologies. However, if not properly designed, manufactured and controlled, the lithium-ion battery will still overheat or fire. TOYOTA Prius chief engineer Koji Toyoshima said, in ten years, or to the development of lithium ion battery car stable in the tens of thousands of kilometers of mileage and safe operation is very difficult. "We’ve doubled and three times the battery to make sure it doesn’t break down. Safety is the most important, "he said in an interview. In the traditional Prius, TOYOTA mainly used NiMH batteries, more mature, although from 2009 onwards they also began to use lithium ion batteries. At that time, the first batch of lithium-ion batteries with all electric vehicles began to appear in the mass market, such as Tesla’s Roadster sports car and Nissan Leaf. (compile sailing) to see more foreign interesting and novel technology news? That is to scan code concern outside the Language Society (micro signal: ifengwys) official WeChat bar.相关的主题文章: