Russia’s new movie was born with a history of protest sand queen not crudely made – Sohu news lata-01

Russia’s new movie was born with a history of protest: sand queen not crudely made – Sohu Global Times reported [news] "this is inconsistent with the historical facts, crudely made." Russian director Alexei Lee? At the shooting a depiction of the last czar Nicola S ruling before the romantic love story movie "Matilda" has aroused strong repercussions in the Russian society, and by the Tsar descendants of protest. But Russian presidential spokesman declined to comment. According to Russia’s "view report" 3 reported that the new film shot at Jieli introduced the last czar before the Nicola S administration and the famous Ballerina Matilda Keshexinsikaya romantic love story?. The film has a palace struggle, but also depicts the decline of an era. But I did not expect that the film was a descendant of the Tsar’s protest. Russia is responsible for the Romanov Dynasty affairs office leader Alexander, think this? Zach, the film did not reflect the historical facts, is "to make money and crudely made". A representative of the office also said that a very talented director actually shot such a film does not meet the historical events. "The tsar, like everyone else, had his own sins and errors, including the Romanov family, but he should not have turned into a comical figure in the second of the world.". This is a libel on history". The Russian Tsar suffering "social movement organizations require the State Duma to review the film, because the film is found to have a" provocative act of anti Russian and anti religion". But the Russian Romanov family members do not think the film violated the Tsar’s feelings. The association on behalf of Ivan? Aerts Schoofs Ki said, this film is no personal attacks on the czar. When he was unmarried, he did have a relationship with Matilda. There is nothing wrong with the film portraying him as a normal person". At the same time, the Russian art community is also opposed to the implementation of the review system. Russian Ministry of culture spokesman also said that because the film is still in the production stage, so the final decision will be made after the shooting. Director Uchte Leigh said that the procuratorate has been reviewed for the content of the film, did not say, there is violation of content". (Liu Yupeng)相关的主题文章: