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Roadside parking fees can bargain it? – Finance – roadside parking stickers is a homely food. On Thursday the column published "residential parking fees is set? After the rise of the reader’s attention. 12345 non emergency service center many people call the city, because no parking area, they can only be parked in the area outside of the lane street parking lot, is a monthly payment, they want to know, the monthly parking fee, there is no corresponding standard? Live in Dongcheng District South East market in east Liu said, Lane parking lot outside the District, parking fees began to rise these days. Moreover, you want to rent a car, but also to provide the owner of the house, and other personal documents such as this account. Liu did not understand why there is such a requirement, do not know whether the roadside parking fees rose in line with the relevant policies. Ms. Liu said, parking lots is very tight, so many owners of the car parked in the area east of the East Market Street, the road on both sides of the road belongs to the parking lot, parking management personnel responsible for the management of the day. Prior to June this year, the parking fee of 260 yuan per month, after rising to $400 in July. But recently, Ms. Liu also received notice, parking fees also rose, the standard is tentatively scheduled for 500 yuan to 800 yuan per month, but also the need to provide housing, driving this account and the. Why should provide relevant documents? Parking administrator told reporters that this is done in order to distinguish between temporary parking and temporary parking of the road, although parking prices rose, but residents are still cheaper than the temporary parking. According to the residents reported that access to the "Beijing pricing directory", found the lane parking lot management is still under the supervision of the relevant departments, the price there is a certain standard, and the area of price negotiation is different. Reporters then consulted the relevant departments, and soon got a reply. "Beijing city government unified pricing mentioned in the list of prices", for the temporary parking lot toll lane, that we can in the blue brand parking lot to see, if the residents according to the monthly, annual mode in the parking lot, is still in the market adjusted price range within the community property including streets and parking management unit can still negotiate parking fees. Old customer parking fee preferential issues new customers stare in Dongcheng District Hepingli Street Youth Lake No. 10 in the north, there is a small opening to the public parking lot, parking spaces do not look much, on the surrounding communities, rarely have such a parking place. Recently, the residents here to reflect the same problem 12345: the same is the residents of the District, the concessions given to the parking lot is not the same. Yesterday, the reporters came to the Youth Lake North, residents said the small parking lot is located in building 10 North Road, a temporary parking on the blue blue card, given the price, the reporter also consult the relevant departments, the answer is the price standard. Reporters saw, not to peak, the car park has been full of dangdang. 10 building residents told reporters that although the parking lot for residents who have a parking lot, but the price is still very high feeling, a month of 500 yuan, a year parking fee of up to $6000. But I heard that there is a lower fee for parking here相关的主题文章: