Republican Revival Right Now Cling On To Our Conservative Roots america We Need You!-3edyy

News-and-Society What we need right now is an active conservative comeback against President Obamaspolicies that are widely derailed and bitterly despised by many Americans. We need to ignite ideas that can help mobilize our campaign effectively against the governments position on various crucial issues. It is our Americanduty to take back our country from the hands of people who want to transform it intonever-ending state control and secularism (to name a few). In the words of President Ronald Reagan, Freedom must be defended and fought for constantly! We cannot let the government shut us out of the critical legislative system and make people fall for outright lies. We have to stand up and act now. We cannot sit along the sidelines and let socialists devour our country and lead on its destructive course of deep debts and dislodged relationships between the citizens and the government. We need to act right now before our liberty and will is completely thwarted by the government that not only affects us, but the children of America as well. This is a depressive regime that is not only affecting the growth of our internal economy, but even our external trading and relationships with other countries over the past few years. We are all fed up and torn apart to dust and ashes due to the governments reckless policies that threatens our very basic fundamental rights. We need a new generation of core conservative leaders who can awaken and raise America through reduction in spending, renewed political activism among new voters, and well reformed plans. We have already seen the rise of red flagsby the deceptive green energy economy plated by Obamas administration. Their intent is to decide what you can drive and what type of jobs we need to create for in the future (in the form of green jobs). Their will is to crush down the citizens individual liberty by organizing a society run exclusively by the government to drag our country from recession to the depths of depression. This is a frightening time and we need dynamic and energetic guidance to revive an active movement against the current administration to reclaim our country as its rightful citizens! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: