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Reminder: the champions Borussia striker the battle to return the morale of the team by encouraging [Champions League] forecast analysis: vs Celtic Football Borussia start time: 2016-11-02 03:45 injury summary: Borussia Moenchengladbach? In the last round of the league in offensive and defensive performance is stable, but due to poor physical state of the players in the game from time to time will the offensive end error, difficult to open. Rafael? Has the team to participate in the training, but Zal has not yet recovered, and Traore, will continue to be absent because of injury. Analysis of hunting ball: FUN88 1.48 4 5.80 FUN88: first for the instant: 1.44 4.70 6.60 Borussia? Champions League group phase stage were divided into 8 groups, each group of 4 teams, each team needs a 6 round of group phase, decide with the top 2 qualify for 16 knockout. This is a game of the 201617 season Champions League group phase C group fourth round of the tournament against Celtic home court by Monchengladbach. Monchengladbach is the Bundesliga outfit?, but they play in the stage of the start of the season is not ideal, the 9 round of the League zhanba recorded a record of 3 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses, eleventh in the Bundesliga standings. Over the weekend at home court? Monchengladbach by Frankfurt’s 0-0 draw, taking into account this week in the Champions League Task in itself, does not exclude the possibility of coach Schubert intentionally left force. In fact, their recent state? Is warmer, the last 5 games in all competitions only lost 1 times, including the last round of the Champions League group phase at 2-0 to beat the Celtics, but Borussia in the league is still hard to have much improvement, recently was 4 consecutive league greatly, and there is no record of scoring, the team offensive slump. The Monchengladbach? Its third consecutive home court events, from previous confrontation with Celtic, Borussia occupy a certain advantage in all competitions, team history only two teams have played 1 times, Borussia to achieve victory, each capable of scoring 2 goals, the last round of the Champions League group phase away to win 2-0. ? Monchengladbach at present in the C group in third place, the team this season in the Champions League draw in bad luck, was assigned to a group of Barcelona and Manchester City, the first round of the group a 0-4 defeat to Manchester City in the second round of home court and 1-2 against Barcelona, group phase suffered 2 defeats in the last month at 2-0 beat Borussia the Celtics, achieved so far only victory. As for the team this season?, Borussia squad has not change much, the introduction of former German international Cramer from Leverkusen, on loan from Hamburg Swiss International Del Mitch, signing more targeted, but on the strength of the team and no substantive promotion. ? in addition, defender Dominguez and midfielder T Doucoure, and. Hazzard, F. Johnson and several other main were absent because of injury last round of group phase, the club has recently confirmed that striker Rafael could return in the current round of the Champions League, this attack is a great encouragement for the recent downturn in the Borussia, team performance or improvement. Celtic.相关的主题文章: