Regret! Yi Jianlian volunteered to leave after the layoffs (video)

Regret! Yi Jianlian volunteered to leave after the end of layoffs Yi Jianlian Lakers career averaging 3 points and 2.5 rebounds that was cut according to ESPN sports news October 24th Tencent note Mark Steiner said Yi Jianlian on Sunday (local time) and group discussion, offered by the Lakers layoffs. Lakers will be on Monday (local time) formally completed the Arab League layoffs. ESPN Mark – stern twitter screenshots regret! Yi Jianlian suffered layoffs authority according to ESPN reporter Mark Stern said: "Yi Jianlian has carried on the communication in today and the Lakers, he asked the Lakers will cut yourself, tomorrow, the Lakers will officially cut Yi Jianlian news." At the same time, Stein also said: "Yi Jianlian, currently plays in the Lakers in their roles and expectations gap, so that he and his brokerage team after discussion decided to tell the Lakers cut him." Mark Stein is one of the most famous NBA reporter broke the news, his credibility is very high, but now it seems that the preseason fell out of the rotation, the long-term cold-shouldered also let Yi eventually make such a decision. At the same time, the Losangeles media, the Lakers country also confirmed that Yi Jianlian initiative to tell the Lakers, will be cut off. The country was a confirmation of layoffs in fact, as early as after the sun, a joint interview face has a little lonely, in the battle, Thomas Robinson in 8 minutes to get 4 points and 5 rebounds and 1 blocked shots, demonstrating their passion. In the preseason, the Arab League failed to completely let go, did not fully display their technology, which is a pity. The Lakers have signed the contract Tibet tricky Yi joined the Lakers signed a $8 million contract, the 8 million outside at first glance, is worth about fat, according to the rotation in the seats, is at least as important players offer, but in fact, the added incentive contract hidden many additional conditions, specific conditions as follows: U.S. local time October 26th -2017 year in January 10th, a fully guaranteed salary of only $250 thousand; in January 10th, the United Arab Republic if still remain in the Lakers, wages will automatically rise to $1139123; the new season a joint appearances for 20-39 games, you can get $2286959; a joint appearance number is 40-58 the field, he can get 4573918 dollars; a joint appearance number reached more than 59 games, all will get a bonus of $6860877, plus the basic salary, $8 million . The NBA contract is divided into three categories, namely, personal performance, physical indicators (attendance) and additional incentives. These incentives can be divided into two types according to the actual situation can be achieved and unlikely to achieve. At that time, a joint contract recognized American professional media as "likely" (very likely), after all, the Lakers only Las setting attendance does not set the threshold, individual performance and data and other hard obstacles, so the outside world also believes that as long as a joint body no problem, he is hoping to get this is perhaps a full bonus.相关的主题文章: