Recruitment of 243 medical staff in Xi’an institutions-aspack

Xi’an institutions to recruit 243 medical staff of the newspaper news (reporter Zheng Yichen) reporter yesterday from Xi’an City People Club Bureau, through special recruitment will be held in the form of recruitment of 243 medical staff as part of the institutions of Xi’an city. Among them, 36 municipal medical and health posts, 207 medical and health posts in the districts and counties. To obtain the relevant qualifications, the state administrative department of education recognized degree (must be obtained before July 31, 2017) full-time ordinary institutions of higher education graduates can apply for 2017. The recruitment work in accordance with the public registration, qualification review, assessment and examination, physical examination, publicity, employment and other procedures to organize the implementation. Interested students can apply to the library of Xi’an Medical University in November 10th (Thursday) 9:00-12:00. For recruitment units basic situation, job responsibilities, Recruitment Qualifications and other specific issues can be directly telephone recruitment units. Policy advisory telephone: 029-86786870.

西安事业单位招聘243名医学工作人员   本报讯(记者郑伊琛)昨日记者从西安市人社局获悉,通过举办专场招聘会的形式,为西安市部分事业单位招聘243名医学工作人员。其中市级医疗卫生岗位36名,区县医疗卫生岗位207名。   获得国家教育行政主管部门承认的相关学历、学位(须于2017年7月31日前取得)的全日制普通高等院校2017年应届毕业生都可应聘。此次招聘工作按照公开报名、资格审查、考核与考查、体检、公示、聘用等程序组织实施。有意向的同学可于11月10日(星期四)9:00-12:00到西安医学院含光校区图书馆应聘。对于招聘单位基本情况、招聘岗位工作职责、招聘资格条件等具体问题可直接电话咨询招聘单位。政策咨询电话:029-86786870。相关的主题文章: