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Recruit, family travel? Vienna International Music Camp – Sohu in November 1st, not with the group travel custom network Vienna International Music Camp officially recruited in winter. This is the integration of classical and modern, the collision of East and West, learn skills and mind, on the world music scene, which is not only a visual feast, it is a journey of parent-child interaction. Good parent-child time · Vienna International Music Camp November 1, 2016 Global Limited Recruitment starting date: 2017.01.31 2017.02.07 with who? Zhang Xiaoqiang first occupation famous drummer, drum performer; good time young people modern music hall partner, chief teacher; Xiao Ke, who served as chief drummer Zhang Yadong, Chyi Chin, Gao Xiaosong, Cheng Fangyuan, Hu Bing, Lin Cheng, Sa Dingding, Shang Wenjie, Zhou Bichang, Tan Weiwei, Li Chunbo, Chuan Zi, the old cobbler, Nancheng Erge etc. musicians and bands; the students obtained three consecutive Chinese drummer contest champion children. Between a child and a lack of success, only never give up his people born in a family of music Zhang Xiaoqiang, since 2005 engaged in youth music education, encountered many reluctant parents sent learning drums "resistance and stubborn child". It is difficult for a lot of people to stick to the instrument when they first touch it. Zhang Xiaoqiang never give up any one of their children, he can find the child parents see advantages, invisible and entertaining. Zhang Xiaoqiang has improved his education and music. For him, cooperation, and various star shine on stage, than to see their students and have The students surpass the teacher. "brings satisfaction! Where is the charm of music melody? Type and characteristics of each country, each period is different. A lot of people are tangled, is there a melody can different music tastes? Is there in common? In fact, melody, rhythm, timbre and bring the heart; when the moment of emotional outbursts; ciqingcijing evoked in the mind of the picture; "palace, business angle, characteristics, Yu." the gentle; the Western symphony of great momentum; test after years of enduring classical music; swing rhythm improvisation…… Is "calm" but "straight to the heart"! This is the power of music, a across time, region, race, language of magic. Where are you going? Do what? Austria (Vienna, Salzburg) without borders the common language of music is the most direct, while Austria everywhere exudes the charm of music. The snow white world, with beautiful melody, is a rare double audio-visual enjoyment! The music world’s top feast — one of the Austria Mozart of Salzburg music week (2017.01.26 – 2017.02.05), held for the first time since 1956, has become a most important international classical music festival. During the festival, from the world’s top artists, orchestra and conductor masters, to come to the process of Salzburg相关的主题文章: