Reasons Why Young People Join Gangs-tsumori chisato

UnCategorized Children and teens globally are known to be fond of joining gangs. Normally, it does not take a lot of convincing for them to consider entering a group especially when they know that by doing so, they will gain popularity and they can get to do something different. .mon Reasons Why Children Join Gangs Joining a gang or entering a certain group is .mon for young children and teens. Some find it a necessity in order to gain recognition and fame whether in school or in other circles that they belong to. Others find joining a group "cool" while some feel the need to belong, especially those who lack attention or lack close human interaction with family members. The young generation often craves for attention simply because they want to feel that what they do is given importance. These kids are still in their formative years and are still trying to search for their true identities. Sometimes, joining a gang gives them a chance to find out more about themselves because they are given an opportunity to showcase what they can do. For other teens, joining a gang is a form of rebellion. In other cases, some enter a gang because they have nothing else to do, are forced by other kids, or simply out of curiosity. When Joining a Gang Destructive It is relatively okay for parents to allow their kids to join a certain group as long as there is nothing destructive about it. When the group that children are into encourages them and brings out the best in them, then it is perfectly healthy for them to stay with that group. The only time that parents need to worry is when they notice that the gang that their kids are into is beginning to have a negative influence on them. When the children start to show a change in their behavior, be.e indifferent, and begin to break rules, this is a sign that parents or family members should start to intervene. Joining a gang is sometimes too much to handle for teens with unstable characters. Vices such as smoking, drinking, and taking drugs can later be developed if the gang that the kids get into spells BAD NEWS. When children and teens are well-taken care of and feel loved, there is less chance for them to feel the need to look for a particular group that will accept them. The young generation of today needs all the support and understanding that they can get from the people who are important to them so that they will no longer find a need to seek the .pany of others. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: