Ray Allen Miami opens fast food restaurant to help 9 year old son to resist diabetes-97179

Ray Allen in Miami opened a snack shop to help 9 years old son against diabetes Allen couple decided to open the restaurant is affected by diabetes son inspired sina sports news Beijing time on February 20th, according to the "Miami sentinel" reported that former NBA Bowmaster – in grenade retired Allen has found the life under a direction, he Shannon and his wife plan to open a fast food restaurant in Miami organic food. Allen and his wife aim to build a fast food restaurant that is nutritious and affordable for everyone, including dining and takeout. It is reported that Allen and his wife decided to open such a restaurant is inspired by their 9 year old son suffering from diabetes. The organic snack food offered mainly includes fruit juice, soup, salad and sandwiches. Ray Allen, 40 years old, is one of the greatest three point shooters in the history of NBA, who helped the Celtics and the heat win the NBA championship. In the summer of 2014, Allen, who became a free agent, announced that he had missed the following season, and so far, Allen has not returned to NBA, although he has not yet officially announced his retirement. During the rest of Allen’s stay, his former club heat had repeatedly invited him back, but no positive response was received. And this time, Allen decided to return to the South China Sea in another way. (Rosen)

雷阿伦迈阿密开快餐店 助9岁爱子抵抗糖尿病 阿伦夫妇决定开这家快餐店是受到患糖尿病儿子的启发   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月20日,据《迈阿密哨兵报》报道,基本处于退役状态的前NBA神射手雷-阿伦已经找到了人生的下一个方向,他和妻子香农计划在迈阿密开一家有机食品快餐店。   阿伦夫妇旨在打造一家食物营养,所有人都消费得起的快餐店,其中包括了堂吃和外卖。   据悉,阿伦夫妇决定开这样一家餐厅是受到他们的9岁儿子身患糖尿病的启发。   这家有机食品快餐店里主要提供的食物包括:果汁、汤、色拉以及三明治。   今年40岁的雷-阿伦是NBA史上最伟大的三分射手之一,他曾分别帮助凯尔特人和热火夺得过NBA总冠军。2014年夏天,成为自由球员的阿伦宣布错过随后的一个赛季,直到今天为止,阿伦依然没有重返NBA打球的计划,尽管他还没有正式宣布退役。   阿伦休息的这段时间内,他的老东家热火队曾多次邀请他复出,但是都没有得到肯定的回复。而这一次,阿伦决定以另一种方式重回南海滩。   (罗森)相关的主题文章: