Qualcomm purchase transaction value NXP or over $30 billion peepsamurai

Qualcomm purchase transaction value NXP or over $30 billion Qualcomm booth Phoenix Technology News Beijing on September 30th news, according to foreign media reports, Qualcomm to buy NXP semiconductors (hereinafter referred to as "NXP"), the transaction value could exceed $30 billion, which will be the semiconductor industry concentration rapidly improve the latest mergers and acquisitions. Sources disclosed that the two sides may reach a deal within the next 2-3 months. Qualcomm may not only in considering the acquisition of part of NXP, said Qualcomm is also exploring other possible transaction. As of Thursday at noon local time, NXP market value of about $28 billion. According to a typical acquisition premium calculation, Qualcomm’s acquisition price may exceed $30 billion, making this transaction become one of the largest mergers and acquisitions this year. Qualcomm market capitalization of $93 billion. Faced with slowing growth and increased competition, chip companies are very enthusiastic about M & A transactions, aimed at expanding the scale, reducing costs. 2015, the field of mergers and acquisitions in the semiconductor industry hit a new high, Intel, Annwa have carried out a huge acquisition transaction. NXP’s $11 billion 800 million acquisition of fly think of Carle. Market research firm Dealogic data show that this year, the chip industry mergers and acquisitions amount of more than 75 billion U.S. dollars, making the technology industry has become the industry’s busiest mergers and acquisitions. Just 2 months ago, Softbank and ARM reached a $32 billion deal. China to promote the growth of mergers and acquisitions in the semiconductor sector. China will invest $24 billion to strengthen and develop semiconductor industry. The acquisition will bring great changes to Qualcomm nxp. Through the supply of smart phone chip Qualcomm quickly become a chip giant, but in recent years it faces some challenges, including the growth of smart phones stalled. Qualcomm has a distinctive business model. Although the design and sale of chips is the most important source of revenue, but more than half of the profits from the mobile phone manufacturers license wireless technology patents. This business model to help Qualcomm in its history, most of the time to get a huge profit. At the end of June, Qualcomm has $31 billion in cash reserves, and almost all overseas, this is one of its acquisition of such overseas company motivation nxp. The acquisition will enable NXP Qualcomm chips from dozens to hundreds of industries involved, will be extended to many mobile devices outside the industry. Qualcomm will therefore become the largest automotive chip suppliers. In view of the fact that the two companies have strong complementarity, mergers and acquisitions can significantly boost the profitability of the industry, there have been rumors that Qualcomm will acquire nxp. Mention the possibility that Qualcomm acquired NXP investment company Sanford Bernstein analyst at C. local time Thursday released investment report. The investment report, referring to Qualcomm, said, many investors want the company to complete a more strategic transaction". NXP size makes it attractive for high, in addition, NXP automotive, security and business coverage of mobile payment industry. Sanford C. Bernstein analyst said, regardless of the cost reduction, the acquisition of Pu Pu can make Qualcomm profit increased by 30%. But they also point out that the deal will face a "big deal".相关的主题文章: