Qijiang found new species recognized by the international academic community rosstallanma

New species discovered in Qijiang by the international academic community recognized earlier, researchers in our city plant in the mountains of northern Qijiang found a suspected new species of Primula now, research results have been inconclusive. Written by the researchers in our city, a plant species research paper "primrose species of geranium leaves of Primula" suspicious — published success in one of the world’s plant classification well-known publications Finland Royal Botanic journal, which not only declared the new species of Primula geranium leaves the authority to get the recognition, but also means that the plant has a new member officially entered the human vision. It is understood that Primula is the largest genus of Primula, about 500 species, of which Chinese produced about 300 kinds, accounting for 3/5 of the total number in the world. The anatomy and identification of molecular biology to identify new species previously found in Qijiang as a new species of primula. According to reports, the researchers were compared to determine the suspected new species by molecular biological identification, identified as a new species, through the collation of the data, the morphological characteristics and the ecological environment is described, the draft, to invest in the Finland Royal Botanic journal, quickly recognized by the international academic circles, the ultimate success. Researcher Liu Zhengyu said that the primroses strong vitality, has certain ornamental and more suitable for large area planting. Next, the application of conservation and cultivation of the subject, and further explore its application value. (horizon network)相关的主题文章: