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Qianjiang Evening News: attractions renamed the "iron hammer" urge integrity – View – lost people.com.cn original title: attractions renamed the "iron hammer", urge lost integrity Mufushan piece "the mountain of stone, overnight of indomitable spirit" should be renamed. Because the women’s volleyball team won the Olympic gold medal, because Lang Ping is known as the "iron hammer". Tian Yue said Mufushan international tourist resorts, scenic spots and the iron hammer "of indomitable spirit" shape and height, women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping was representative of China won many champions, with the "iron hammer", to learn from Chinese team advocate the "iron hammer" spirit, decided to change the name as the "iron hammer", and rapid deployment complete change, including changing attractions signs, develop new attractions commentary etc.. It is a stepping stone, legend for Nuwa stone now, women’s volleyball team and Lang Ping, became the famous scenic spots, like stepping stone famous like crazy. Is this impulse? No, is a kind of expression was knocked out of the iron hammer. Obviously is nerve, he thought is the spirit. It’s disgusting, he thinks it’s love. Impulse is of interest. Scenic spot is not good in their own skills, finally formed a crazy — take a hot to rub, both worry, but also to attract the eye. Impulse is power. Like the name, just like the little girl braids, can be the right to dress up. No matter whether it is logical, what hot spots with what wind. Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing have been rushing to shake Qian Shu when the travel agency, what is? Is the integrity. The landscape change of indomitable spirit "" iron hammer ", the local tourism department said two words, a word name is out of the significance of education, the name can be determined by the company. A word of the name without permission of Lang Ping himself, as the "iron hammer" is a common vocabulary. Said Lang Ping has changed the name because the iron hammer said, is to learn to China women, advocating spirit of iron hammer, while said iron hammer is a common name, which both want to pull the banner, and do not want to spend money to buy cloth malicious speculation, is purely educational under the guise of the name of the commercial interests of. No logic, no more on the individual, on the social value. "These four words of indomitable spirit", for the area, not only is the Convention, which is historical and cultural heritage, head shot, said change, this is the traditional culture of the arbitrary and brutal intervention. "Iron hammer" is decades Chinese fans, fans and even the world convention, it is representative of Lang Ping’s personal image, but also the spirit of sports and national women’s volleyball team spirit, group spirit of struggle. "To change the landscape of indomitable spirit", whether it is the intervention of the capital or the power of decision or the decision, should first ask the ancestors agree or not, ask Lang Ping and Chinese women agree or not, ask the local people and the whole society agree or not. "Iron hammer", this is not hot but should rub rub, is the spirit, rather than fame. Like the Iron Hammer Hill this practice is a shame for people of IQ, Lang Ping, on the achievements of women’s volleyball team spirit)相关的主题文章: