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Pu Jinhui in "bestie corruption door" whether impeachment cited intense debate – Sohu news local time on October 25, 2016, Seoul, South Korea, South Korean President Park Geun hye published "National Book" in the presidential palace and Chong Wa Dae Museum, apologize to the people for political work Cui shun. The visual Chinese figure recently, South Korean President Park Geun hye due to its "bestie besieged on all sides," Cui Shunshi suspected of corruption, government intervention have been disclosed by the media, the park’s South Korea denounced as one falls, another rises nationwide, on whether to step down the impeachment debate opened. According to the Korea polling agency Realmeter latest telephone survey (95% confidence, error ± 2.5%), recently, Pu Jinhui’s support rate continued to decline, the support rate in the Congressional policy speech on the 24 day of the proposed constitutional amendment 28.7%, "Cui Zheng Shun work" about the exposure of the national apology the 25 day was 22.7%, in the national apology 26 days after polls, given positive evaluation response ratio fell to 17.5%. Chong Wa Dae Park Geun hye or restructuring secretary team according to Yonhap news October 28th, at present, Pu Jinhui is to eliminate public unease, firm governance and thoughtful. Chong Wa Dae pointed out that a number of disputes in the Shunshi Cui cronies, some are unfounded. For Chong Wa Dae to find out whether the truth to take new measures, the source said, Chong Wa Dae that should actively cooperate with the prosecution investigation, should not come forward to take appropriate measures. According to South Korean JTBC television reported on October 24th, reporters on the suspected Cui Shunshi abandoned the computer, found more than and 200 documents including the 44 copy of the president’s speech, the speech was found to have modified traces, and modify the time before the president’s speech. For a long time, Cui Shunshi is as close to President Park Geun hye’s cronies, who boarded the South Korean political arena, but not public officials, so don’t have access to confidential documents. Pu Jinhui thus suspected of secretly leaking state secrets. Yonhap reported in October 27th, South Korea’s ruling new world party held the afternoon of 26 emergency Congress, the audience agreed to set up a special inspection group, various questionable investigation by Cui Shunshi Park cronies, and requests the personnel adjustment. South Korean presidential Chong Wa Dae official said, Pu Jinhui said the personnel adjustment request is "thoughtful", this is considered to be the basic request of personnel adjustment agreed with Pu Jinhui. However, according to South Korea, Central Daily News on October 27th, said the Secretary of the team within the collective resignation of the problem within the Chong Wa Dae, has been heated debate. Stakeholders in the ruling circle, the reason can not be finalized for the resignation process, because the Secretary of the internal team for the collective resignation should have objections. After the final discussion, taking into account the difficult to find successor candidates, Chong Wa Dae temporarily postponed the collective resignation of the president’s secretary of the team process. According to Yonhap News reported on October 25th, park 25 in the presidential palace, Chong Wa Dae published a book "on" to the national, will contain major national confidential documents by Cui Shunshi cronies review.相关的主题文章: