Promotional Note Pads – A Product That Fits Your

Advertising If your company is looking for a cost effective gift that will effectively advertise your products and services, then you should consider the promotional note pads from These give-aways can be distributed at trade shows and as part of guerrilla advertising campaigns. Promotional note pads are effective in boosting sales by increasing brand and company awareness. For example, imagine a small note pad with 25 pages. Each page has your logo imprinted on it. At a cost of 50 cents, that is 25 impressions at 2 cents an impression. Now, if that page gets passed on to someone else, the number of impressions increases and the cost per impression therefore decreases. This can be a very cost effective means of advertising and promoting your business, provided it is done correctly. Acting as a permanent desktop feature, the promotional note pads will constantly be seen and used by whoever is lucky enough to receive them. Ideal for giving to customers and important business contacts, theyre sure to help keep your company in mind at all times. Padded into 50s and A6 in size they can be personalized in a variety different layouts, colours and type styles. With so many options you can create a pad as individual as your business. To give the best possible impression of your company name, brand and image, the promotional note pads from Click Promo Gifts are printed on high quality paper stock. You can choose from either white or cream paper, which at 100gsm is guaranteed to look and feel the part. Pads are then finished with a sturdy card backing. On the promotional note pads your company details can be printed in one of three standard layouts. For complete flexibility we can also print to your own layout for a small additional charge. As standard the promotional note pads are printed in one of our standard colours and typestyles. There are many different colours and typestyles to choose from. Included in the price is the use of our free business designs, although for added impact you can have your own logo printed. One of the most important considerations when choosing a promotional gift is the frequency in which it will be used and viewed. Thats why promotional note pads are so effective. Theyre both convenient jotter pads and a highly targeted advert. Theyre desktop presence ensured that theyre continually seen and utilized. In particular theyre an ideal giveaway at conferences where theyre likely to be used for taking notes. Their low cost also makes them highly suitable for exhibitions where they can be given to stand visitors. For more information on low-cost promotional note pads, go to .clickpromogifts… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: