Preseason rocket war Shanghai Yao Ming who This answer is too wise (video) tda7294

Preseason rocket war Shanghai Yao Ming who? The answer is too wise Yao Ming answered too wise Tencent sports news September 26th (reporter Chen Yueze) next month, NBA season will be officially kicked off, but in this season’s pre-season, the Shanghai men’s basketball team will go to the Houston TOYOTA center, challenge the Houston rockets. As we all know, the Shanghai team investor Yao Ming, and the two teams are inextricably linked. And when asked about Shanghai against the Rockets, who will support who, Yao Ming also gave his answer. Yao Ming chose to support the backward side in the era of players, Yao Ming has played for the Shanghai team and the Rockets, and now he is the boss of the Shanghai men’s basketball. Because of this, there is an American reporter on Twitter to ask Yao Ming, the two teams will be in support of which party. And Yao Ming’s answer was pretty smart – "I’ll be on the back side." But Yao Ming’s answer, in the eyes of many users, but it seems that he will support the Shanghai team. After all, from the overall strength, the Shanghai team and the Rockets still have a small gap. [collection] Shanghai 120-105 Shenzhen 36 Preiss Zhang Zhaoxu 14+10 (video has nothing to do with the original, for further reading.)相关的主题文章: